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gwenit is set in BINGE BRITAIN!!

And Then I Fell Asleep

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click.jpgClick is a basic Faustian story. It is Faust done as a comedy, but because Faust is a pretty dark tale all told, a few tweaks have been made. Instead of the Devil we have Christopher Walken (some say the same thing). Instead of a contract we have a consumer goods with a non-returnable policy. And instead of eternal damnation we have:



The Buzzcocks: Ever Fallen In Hate With Someone…?

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The Buzzcocks promo posterSometimes when daydreaming I imagine myself on University Challenge facing Jeremy Paxman. After dazzling him with my knowledge of all the botanicals in Bombay Sapphire, it comes to my least favourite bit: the music question. At which point he plays “Ever Fallen In Love With Someone“, which I interrupt almost instantly with the button in front of me to obliterate the music. Jezza doesn’t even have time to say “Headon, Life”, before you hear the Buzz and me saying COCKS!


Guinness Red

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New Product! According to Marketing Week, Guinness are about to launch “Guinness Red”, its first major new product since Guinness Extra Cold.

The new beer will be poured and served like Guinness, and have a similar ABV, but where Guinness is black, Guinness Red will be….red!

No details as to taste – the drink will be made from “lightly roasted barley”: perhaps Publoggers with more discerning beerbuds can comment on what this might imply.

If anyone Googling this has seen it on sale – and we know it’s out there! – let us know in the comments! Thanks!

[EDIT: Hi everyone. We’ve had some now and our views are here]