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#293, 21 November 1970

I was playing this song and my wife walked in.

“Who’s this?” she asked.
“The Jimi Hendrix Experience”
“Oh. Couldn’t he have got a better singer?”


Old Pub, New Pub October 2: the Doric Arch

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Doric ArchBah, despite going to the old Head of Steam (see publog, passim), the night after it re-opened, we have still be beaten to the first write-up by fancyapint. As Jack says, it’s a very benign make over, but i think it works well. They’ve taken four or five tables out which means you are no longer fighting to get out of the raised carpeted bit and they’ve still got quite a lot of non-fullers ale on (Darkstar Hophead, Batemans Dark Mild and Cottage Champflower all on on opening). We thought they had cut down quite a lot on the railway tat, but judging by some pics on flickr they have put most of it back since we went, including the CARMYLE sign!!!

Food Science Day 2: Gala Pie/Long Egg footnote

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While shopping this past weekend my eyes were drawn to this book called “Pie”. Ready for the xmo buying season, the publishers have spent their publicity cash getting it in those prime places in the bookshop, and the book strikingly LOOKS LIKE a pie – but isn’t (curses). However this book is a sham in other more important ways, so DO NOT BUY IT. Let me explain…

A crucial ingredient of the food science ethos is the idea that making food is alchemical and exploratory. We no longer buy books of recipes based on simple authority (sorry Delia), but because the authors have been to scary and exciting places we haven’t got the guts (hello St Johns and Hugh Fearnley doo da) or time for. So the idea of a (quite thick) book on JUST PIES would suggest that the authors have gone to great efforts to explore the outer limits, the furthest possibilities of pies, pie making, and pie theory.

So, still on a long-egg tip, we flick to the gala pie recipe only to see a large picture of a rectangular pie tin containing four boiled eggs in an end-to-end row. To make it quite clear, they use words to the effect that “how they make them so that every slice has a bit of yellow is a trade secret and nobody knows how its done”.

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. In the same way it would not do for a thick, richly illustrated gift book called “Stage Magic” to have a picture of someone sawing a lady in half with the caption “Nobody knows how this amazing trick is done”.

I didn’t read any further. I bet they didn’t even have pie pie in there either. swizz.

japanese robot winetaster starts in on humans

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“they taste like bacon

(ok this story is irresistable obv BUT i. it only licked a reporter’s hand and ii. in taste terms as much as any, prosciutto is NOT actually bacon)

(also: the word prosciutto derives from the Latin perexsuctum which means “thoroughly dried”: literally, “having been very sucked out”)

Moomin Memories

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The story of the Moomins, visible within and between the frames of documentary Moomin Memories, is – most crudely – the story of a journey from the radical to the sentimental. The moomins begin visual life as marginalia in Tove Jansson’s political cartoons, and their current incarnation is as Japanese kiddie icons. In between come the childrens’ books that made them famous – or famous to me at least.