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Oct 06

RobEmoWatch 3: bodycountdown diddlydee dum

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herneafter two intro eps that were vanilla to the core — no one died and the SoN’s threats of tongue-cutting were camp gesture — RH shifts upsettingly up a gear or two: this is fun mid-evening hokum in which CHILDREN AND INNOCENTS CAN DIE; and the motivating question — “ok WAR AGAINST EVIL — can it be ok for good ppl to kill innocents and/or children?” — is ramped up lots (at peril of comfy watching) (interesting study to be made abt conventions of acceptable bodycount in TV aimed mainly at kids)

the answers to the question are still ending up a bit pat (“no obv”), bcz robin and the merrymen aren’t themselves properly implicated yet — they’re still quarantined from the ethical complexity (we the viewer KNEW they were wrongly accused). the script clumsiness — i actually think worse this week than before — currently stands against us much losing our distance from the reality of the dilemma

however i am STILL defending this problematic issue on the grounds that it’s caused more by inept solution to the rollout of necessary backstory than some less interesting failing — after all, we ARE still getting backstory rolled out (and full marks to anyone who guessed the NIGHT WATCHMAN’S identity when s/he first appeared — i only twigged when the NW’s honour was defended too stoutly too quickly) plus i wd honestly far rather have inept storybuilding than lose the thing the show is ambitiously creeping towards, WHICH I DEEM IS THIS: