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Oct 06

Other People’s Kids TV

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machine.jpgI don’t know the origin of this Google Video, twelve minutes of marble heavy Heath Robinsonesque devices. I do know that it is wonderfully soothing to watch and the (let’s say its Japanese) little Japanese tune at the end of every successful machine work out does not manage to get annoying even on the twentieth play. Not knowing the provenance of said video I wondered what it could be myself. And to me it was clearly some sort of twenty second inset into a kids TV programme. I am guessing that maybe a kids science TV show, a Tokyo Think of A Number, with the Japanese version of Johnny Ball. Or maybe between artistic segments on the East Asian Take Hart, less Morph, more machines. Whatever, this stuff is terrific and that small flight of fancy suddenly made me feel bereft. I was robbed of this experience as a child.