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Showcase Presents so far

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the first volume of SupermanI wrote a recommendation of the ten best of Marvel’s Essential volumes a long time ago. Finally DC picked up the baton and are putting out similar volumes – over 500 B&W pages of vintage comic reprints on cheap paper for around £11 a go. These are called Showcase Presents, and are coming out one a month. Here are some brief notes on those published so far, in something like order of preference:

This is almost all gold. It’s from the days when he hardly ever had super-battles, and instead was busy tricking Lois or hiding his secret identity or some such nonsense. Very silly, very funny, beautifully crafted, with lots of very fine art. There are two volumes of this so far, all wonderful.


the aztec for marmite!

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casseroletwo christmases ago my mum’s present was the money to buy a nice casserole dish, but the one i chose at john lewis was sold out by the time i went in to get it, and then never in stock — anyway i found it in habitat a month or so back, and just picked it up today and cooked with it and it is AWESOME COOL (and more to the point hot): viz matt black, semi-porous, made in la chamba in colombia to a model many centuries old, with lid on keeps food hot enough to eat for an hour, and is one up in size from the picture — so tonight’s permutational summer bake feast is an actual old-skool CASSEROLE hurrah

Poptimism – Lesson Seven

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In Yer Face – 808 State

Gravity’s Rainbow – Klaxons (Van She Remix)

Vans – The Pack

Roscoe – Midlake

Knock ‘Em Out – Lily Allen

Я – робот – Катя Чехова [Radio версия Агента Смита]

Ridin’ (Radio Edit) – Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone


“Out of control” theme park ride out of control

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Runaway train which literally ran away!Best wishes for the injured. Always taken as read in a story like this one of an accident on a theme park roller-coaster. But the question of the fun value of roller-coasters and fairground rides rears its head. Because we instinctively feel the fear on a roller-coaster, a fear that it is designed to inspire in us. At the same time intellectually we know the high standards of engineering which goes into making them, and the safety inherent in a ride which has to be perceived to be dangerous, but is actually ultra-safe.

 Which is why the billing of such rides can sometimes seem a touch unfortunate. Alton Towers bills the Runaway Mine Train(!!!) as follows: (You) “rattle along the rickety rails and mine shafts, past trees and rivers, on a speeding locomotive that’s out of control – and getting faster every second.” Not so much fun when it actually is out of control. Or is it? Is the correlation between perceived danger and fun when you survive even better when you realise there was a high chance of injury and the runaway roller-coaster actually is a runaway.

Still, you may not be able to go on the Runaway Mine Train for a while, but you can have a virtual spin here.

TANYA’S NEWSWATCH: Suffer Little Children

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On the surface this story should make me happy. After all, one less performance of “Imagine” in the world is something to celebrate – a drop in the ocean but a tiny step forward towards the world Lennon dreamed of. “Imagine all the people, living life in peace AND QUIET.” as he no doubt meant to write.

BUT look more closely – this news conceals an abhorrent crime. On a day on which Tony Blair* pledged stiffer sentences for child abusers he should look closely at this Devon school. “The children had been rehearsing the song for weeks”. That is weeks more than J.Lennon took to write or think about it! How can it possibly take “weeks” to learn “Imagine”? The song was specifically and poisonously designed that even the most semolina-brained dribbler could grasp its universal message: even brats from the county that gave us Joss Stone should have had it wrapped up in half a lesson. No, what the BBC have unwittingly uncovered here is a Guantanamo-style correction camp.

*incidentally I am glad that nobody now trusts him. Where were you in May 1997, though, when your correspondent was barred from an all night election party just for shouting “At least Portillo wasn’t in a band!”.

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Sandi Thom’s Tooting. Tanya could not have said it better herself. From the mighty Popjustice.

IHM Lyric Watch: Lily Allen – Smile

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Big Tongued Lady Jamie Oliver Lily Allen“When you first left me
I was wanting more
But you were fucking that girl next door
What did you do that for?”

As a girl, you would think that I would sympathise with Ms Allen’s plight here. But my sympathies are squarely with this unnamed other of indiscriminate sex. Indeed Ms Allen’s question seems thoroughly misplaced. What did he do that for indeed?


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Making A Dog King

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Finally saw Dead Man’s Chest last night. Enjoyed on the whole the loud, whizzy nonsense whilst walking out with a car load of issues. These are not issues which are going to overly concern me, but – daer raeder – if you can answer any of these question (from nitty gritty to philosophical) plz use the comments boxes:

1) Do these pirates ever do any pirating? I know its almost an in-joke in the film, but looting, pillaging? Any time now please.


He Didn’t Think It Too Many (We on the other hand…)

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Typically dingy image of Slaine by his most famous artistIn the pub last night the subject of SLAINE came up. Or more specifically, “Is Slaine still going and if so, how in Gods name?”.

 (What’s that? Oh, OK. A comic strip in 2000AD, m’lud, about a barbarian with a big axe.)

A little research suggests that the last Slaine strip – for now – was published earlier this year. The moody cover, using the traditional Slaine palette of black, brown and dark red, said “Slaine – The Final Act”. Forgive me if I’m sceptical – we’ve been here many times before.