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I WAS A GOBLIN: Gifted Youngsters

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I don't think we used any of these characters!There was a divide in role-playing between people who treated it as a small-scale, modular wargame and people who treated it as a way to tell stories interactively. (You could argue for a third type of player, who treated the games as a way to enact power fantasies, but those players still varied in the ways – rules or roles – they approached those fantasies).

I knew which side I was on without a doubt – the storytellers, the improvisers, the players who dreamed of creating a shared epic. Once, on some application form or other, I even listed under hobbies “interactive theatre”, which thank heaven I was never called on.


Ultramix 93

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Ultramix 93Ultramix 93: Party like it’s 1993 with this EPIC online mix – part of an ongoing series. High on chart hits, club classics and more unusual rarities – maybe even a bit of indie…how many do you remember?