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GEORGIE FAME – “The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde”

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#242, 27th January 1968

And so to 1968. Recently I read a book called 1968 – Mark Kurlansky’s breathless tour of that year, which touched dutifully on all the accepted counter-cultural highpoints without really bringing them to life. It didn’t talk much about the pop charts. For people who weren’t there – and some who were – I’m guessing the soundtrack of 1968 is Pink Floyd or the Doors, not Esther and Abi or Dozy and Beaky. To put it crudely – albums, not singles.


Nintendo Wii – Wifi

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Nintendo Wii – Wifi on nintendo’s site, but not officially announced as yet.

(oops, updated, i linked to the wrong bit – it’s the wifi page that’s unannounced)

another update: THEY TOOK IT DOWN THE SWINES. We are so ahead of the media buzz innit. (well Digg are)

Pokémon Colosseum

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Dreadful goth nonsense with rub music but POKéBATTLES IN 3D omg HURRAH! Still, ghost steel etc etc pokémon are RUB bring back the original 150 etc etc.

I, Videogamer Pt1: Saying Goodbye

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psyduckOne of the biggest bugbears I have with the Pokémon games is the ongoing rubbish that each game only has ONE SAVE FILE POSSIBLE! It’s not even so much down to the fact that there’s a choice of three Pokémon at the start that you can only get at that one time – I can believe that the strategy behind that is to make you want to trade pocket monsters with your friends, more sales etc etc (the fact that my mates are NOT mostly 8year boys scuppers this notion of trading somewhat – although once I did trade with a girl in Lewisham to get some rub firepokémon or the other, I think she had named it VASHTAR for some godknown reason).


You’re out of touch my baby

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Mercury Prize Shortlist day is always a time of much pontificating over the state of the musical nation, the uselessness of prizes, the evils of marketing, the injustice done to [yr favourite here]. It’s also a marvellous opportunity for some serious navel gazing, especially as this is the first year when I have heard no albums at all on the list. What has contributed to this?


Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind

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A Paris Worse That The One Wot Nicked Helen Of TroyLet’s hope the rest of us are deaf then!

Well after hearing this single from the lady named after a particularly uninteresting chain hotel, I know exactly how the Greeks felt before the Trojan War. I too would launch a thousand ships to put paid to this Paris.

I found this review of it which seems to say everything I would say, with the exception of the bit where he does not say “IT IS MUSIC, IT IS CRAP“. Stick to the day job Paris, whatever that is (lounging around being rich with a face that looks like someone dropped a ton of bricks on a young Goldie Hawn?)

Popular ’67

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Your chance to vote on the songs you would have given 6 or more out of 10 to from 1967’s chart-toppers.

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