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“A team of UK dragon-hunters”

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AhemThe open competition of “how rub does your story have to be to get on BBC News” has a new contender as a top cryptozoologist (just check his credentials!) is despatched to the Gambia to track down a dragon. ‘Everyone who sees it dies’ is the frankly handy excuse for the beast’s obscurity – as for the best likeness of the Ninki-Nanka, see for yourself…

LA PLAGE – “Coupe De Boule”

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Ages ago on the lamented MP3 blog POPNOSE I wrote about how soca’s greatness lay – partly – in how omnivorous it is, subject-wise. Like the calypso it sprang from, anything from arthritis to trade policies makes fine raw material for soca acts. So when I read that somebody had written and recorded – in three days – a song about the World Cup Final and Zidane’s headbutt, I shouldn’t have been surprised to download it and hear soca rhythms.*

“Couple De Boule” – hear it on La Plage’s website – is super timely and it’s also infectious pop. I don’t speak French well; as far as I can tell, the chorus runs something like “The Italian gives it some / Zidane nuts him”. If that was all there was to it, it would be a fun novelty – the factor that transforms it into an actually great football record is how La Plage can’t forget that there was a match around the headbutt, and that the outcome – from their point of view – hurt. The song ends with no mention of Zidane, just a despair-filled “Trezeguet, Trezeguet, Trezeguet” – which needs no translation.

*of course the whole system of riddims and versions makes this kind of rapid-response pop more possible.

Sufjan Stevens: Parkour-Life

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Sufjan Parqour Pete below suggests that the inventor of Free Running – that smashing idea of running around the rooftops of a city jumping between buildings in a stylish way – was David Balle. What is more he also suggests that Mr Balle has the misfortune to look a lot like Shakin’ Stevens. I would have drawn the logical link even closer by suggesting that it is because of his lookalikee status that he keeps throwing himself off of buildings. All of which would have made excellent logical sense IF IT WERE NOT A COMPLETE FALSEHOOD. What is more remarkable is that it comes so close to the actual truth.

The inventor of parkour, aka Free Running was none other than multi-instrumentalist, studio boffin/billy-no-mates Sufjan Stevens.


Where’s The B, Shakey?

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Banluie 13It’s called Banlieue 13 in France – though the posters have B13 – Banlieue 13 on them. In Canada and the US its District B13, I guess the name Suburb B13 just doesn’t have the required Ooomph. And before the films started the BBFC title card (rated 15 for some jumping off of roof action and fights that sound worse than they look) we get a real mouthful: Banlieue 13 – District B13.


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Single reckidSong 2 in 1 minute on accordion
Martin White’s 60 seconds on Radio 4’s “28 Acts in 28 Minutes” more on his site

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Shuimura CurvesShimura Curves: Pedal Powered Pristine Pink-Wine Propelled Pop! Playing tonight at The Garage, Sunday, at The Windmill.

squidface maths

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The science of gob-dubbing

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Adam and Joe should never have worked as a concept. The democratizing idea of getting cheap camcorder users to send in clips of home made sketches should have died a death for Channel 4. And on the whole it did. But they did get Adam and Joe out of it, who had a nouse about cheap production techniques plus good timing. Here is something from Adam knocking around on YouTube, made for some video awards. Technically quite simple, but the mouth-merging/gob-dubbing is done with a deft hand and the jokes and voices are funny (the Michael Moore piece seems to work perfectly).