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Jul 06

i haf discovered something komikal

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= if you click the “related articles” thingy enough times you reach the PITCHFORK BLACK HOLE of NO RETURN

Poptimism – Lesson Five

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Lots to get through this week – covers, Minogues and PopWorldCup finalists. Go and vote on the PWC in the poptimists LJ forum.


Whole Lotta Love – CCS (intro)

So Under Pressure – Dannii Minogue

Giving U Up – Zeigeist

Sexy Results – DFA1979 (Mstrkrft Edition)

Electric – Melody Club

Lasku davej – Sarka Vankova (PWC Finalist)

Back to discos – Loto (PWC Finalist)



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In the latest issue of Marketing an analyst describes the financial services sector as “a very vanilla industry”.

By this he means that it’s an industry in which several big players can co-exist in relative peace, presumably as opposed to an industry in which businesses on top dominate and punish the ones on the bottom (the household cleaners sector is a bit like this, according to the same issue, but they shy away from such colourful metaphors).

Anyway, I’ve not seen the word used in this way in the business press before, and thought I’d draw it to your attention.

SPANK ROCK – “Put That Pussy On Me” (Original and Diplo mixes)

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The first time I played this I got the sample wrong – a thrill of shocked recognition as I heard the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” intro, run crudely under the beat. Great choice, I thought – Brian Wilson’s delicate, unstained teenage love forced into the service of insolent horndogs Spank Rock. A painstaking pop masterpiece – profaned! by Spank’s brazen urgency.