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coke zeroDo you remember 80s film Flight of the Navigator? I have seen it about ninety grillion times – the story of a boy who gets abducted by ALIENGS and then ends up returning to his family about 10 years in the future or so to find his brother is OLDER than him – gosh!! Anyway, plenty of things have changed in the world since he’s been gone – Sarah Jessica Parker has stopped her ballet training and got a part in the film as some sort of assistant at the Science Park that is looking after the little boy. He’s got to be fed and clothed, right? So what do all boys like to drink? COKE PLEASE!

Except – STOP RIGHT THERE PUNY CHILD!! It is the 80s and now we have LOTS of coke! Small child sits there bemused as SJP reels off, “Will that be new Coke, diet Coke, classic Coke, cherry Coke or caffeine-free Coke?”. Haha! The 80s! What sort of a tiny list is THAT!


THE FOUNDATIONS – “Baby Now That I’ve Found You”

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#239, 11th November 1967

THE FOUNDATIONS – “Baby Now That I’ve Found You”Few acts have got poorer from doing Motown knock-offs – at least since Motown themselves stopped doing stomp-stomp-clap (which would be round about now). The stomp here much outweighs the clap, and the big chugging riff just ups the stomp even more, to the point where the whimsical listener can hear glam future as well as soul past.

Oh, just flipping kick them ALL out

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The point is Clive, the main thing we have against you is that you CAN’T FVCKING SHUT UP about “that night in barcelona” so mentioning it in the first answer is hardly going to change anyone’s mind on you, is it?

Furthermore, radio fivelive, much as I have been grateful for your commentaries whilst I’ve been at work during matches, PLEASE teach Chris Waddle how to say the word “PENALTY” correctly rather than saying “pelanty” before it drives me round the twist.

Also can we put David Pleat and Graham Taylor in a room somewhere together and lock the door and never go back to it. And can someone get Lawro a big bottle of Prozac, he sounds like he’s run out…

ALSO also whilst paperbased-bl*gger alistair campbell has a couple of half decent points his argument is flawed by this:


Kenny Chesney and the Science of Summer Hitz

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I have heard his new single (“Summertime”), four times in the last two weeks. Once in the c ar back from a family renuion, once when swimming, and twice while eating. When I reviewed the album for Stylus a couple of months ago, I liked it better. Now the time has come for it to be on the radio, there are several reasons why it should be destroyed:

  1. The lyrics are really banal. Not only banal, but designed entirely in a lab to be an authentic expression of how the warm months affect the good ol boy in all of us.
  2. As for the above, it is shameless in its attempt to enter the canon: Perfect song on the radio/Sing along because it’s one we know
  3. None of the really excellent things about summer (ie drinking, all of the copius amounts of flesh on view) are mentioned.

Pub science – the next generation

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Actual, real live pub science promised this evening at London’s Dana Centre with their Pub Guide to Genetics.

“Find out why DNA can be delightful with genetic blonde Portia Smith, who will be introducing genetics with chromosome cakes and some proteinaceous gene recipes.”

Tragically, closer inspection reveals that at no point does the event involve a real pub, though apparently the Dana Centre’s d.café does sell booze.

Boo! Hiss!

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Rough reception for Ronaldo

Two points of interest:The stepover

 i) were the boos last night really pan-national? I was wondering aloud to my wife who the last big international football villain was – she suggested Maradona but I said no. For one thing I get the feeling Maradona was hugely appreciated everywhere that wasn’t England, for another the proper villain needs (I think) to be talented enough to be a top player but not one of the absolute greats. Does top-level international football have “heels”? Individuals known and hated outside their own support, but who seem to thrive on it?

 ii) of interest to fannydangle monitors: McNulty writes “there is a potentially stunning talent attempting to escape from the variety of feints, step-overs and dives that are a blot on his landscape”. Notice how the feints and step-overs – precisely the tricks that won him such praise when he first came to British notice – are now bracketed with the dives. This is massively unfair on Ronaldo: the TMFD case against stepovers has – surely – never been that they are somehow dishonest or tricksy, but that they are generally ineffective. Or is McNulty’s judgement just part of a general defensiveness after England’s performance – suggesting that silky skills are just the first step(over) on a low and beastly road?