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Ronaldinho, stand up comic

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In Barcelona, some time before the Brazil team caught the plane home, browsing in FNAC, the HMV of the continent.  Suddenly, this!

Little Ron There were loads of them, a pile of – oh, fifty – taking pride of place on the counter, and more dotted around.  How could I not?

It’s a high profile comic in Spain and Brazil – the artist, Mauricio de Sousa is a big name there.  So what do you learn of the life of young Ronaldinho?  It’s in Spanish, but I fancy I’ve gathered it’s gist:

  • The earth was once a CUBE, until Little Ron was born, when it spontaneously geo-morphed it into a football shape.
  • Ronaldinho has a FAMILY, who are sometimes beset by minor difficulties, best overcome with football.
  • Ronaldinho has DOGS.  They play an anarchic and unorthodox game of football.
  • On planet Ronaldinho, there is a GIRL (his sister?).  She does not enjoy football.

My favourite moment features the only grown-up appearance of Ronaldinho


THE BEE GEES – “Massachusetts”

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#238, 14th October 1967

MassachusettesAn answer record of sorts to “San Francisco”, but this time a place – or placename – chosen for its delicious phonemes, not its youth-historical weight. So the longing that suffuses “Massachusetts” is really un-placed, and more dangerous for it. The Brothers Gibb mostly hold their harmonic clout in check, preferring to act as a niggling backing murmur, a tidal pull on the lonesome lead vocal.

The story in the song is confused – does he stay, does he go, who with – and so is the singer. His restlessness is clear enough, but vagueness surrounds him – there were “things” he wanted to do, “something” calls him back; but it can’t be put in words. Or can it? That final line – “And Massachusetts is one place I have…” – a pause, you expect “been”, you get “seen”. The difference between them is the sad heart of the record.

I WAS A GOBLIN: Schisms And Isms

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A minor point of terminology:


Welcome to the new-look Freaky Trigger!

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If you’re a regular visitor to, you’ll certainly have noticed that things look different today. The lovely new design – by Stainless Steve Mannion – is a shiny way of drawing your attention to the changes Awesome Alan Trewartha has been making to the “back end”. (Massive thanks to them both!)

Basically, we’ve switched over from Blogger to WordPress. This is better for tons of reasons – it’s easier to post, you can post in multiple categories, WordPress seems to fuck up less than Blogger did, it’s easier to make your posts look nicer, we can have a proper comments system without horrible spam everywhere, and so on. It also means we can edit special pages for events, club nights, podcasts etc. using the same interface.

But what does it mean for the actual content on the site?