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Jun 06

Day 80: International Date Line

I Hate MusicPost a comment • 1,045 views

Ah the triumphant return. Never mind that since I have been gone miscreants and maladroit troubadours such as Sandi Thom have sprung up. Never mind that the train from Dover to London took almost eight hours. That did not matter. I would make to the Reform Club with hours to spare and finally show that two bit so called poptimist what for. When Ii arrived in at Waterloo I sent Crispian off back to my home to get me a fresh set of clothes and settled in at the Hole In The Wall for a well deserved G&T, English style (ie not enough gin, not cold enough, with a pickled lemon).Crispian returned with a fashionable (80 days ago) off the shoulder number and I jumped in a cab for the last leg of my journey. I had sent a text message to Lord Tooty, Tom Ewing, so I could rub his nose in my victory and accept gratefully the keys to his web empire. How I would gloat in taking over his “Number Ones” blog Popular and illustrating that it is actually all Number Two’s figuratively.


The second best museum in the world…

The Brown Wedge2 comments • 515 views

…is the Sea Findings Museum in Vilchadia, on Kalymnos.* Vilchadia is a ten minute taxi ride from Pothia, the main port of Kalymnos, and it’s very easy to find the Sea Findings Museum because there isn’t anything else there (bar two tavernas, run by the museum curators, and a very nice family beach). The museum’s concept is very simple: it’s a private collection of stuff found in the sea – sponges, amphorae, shells, weird fish, archaelogical knicknacks, an entire Byzantine trading boat…


Ants On Stilts

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Cruel experiments on ants in fiction are generally a sign of incipient serial killing.

In REAL LIFE though they are a sign of science fulfilling its noble purpose to push forward the frontiers of knowledge. In this case the question purports to be “How do ants navigate over the ground?” but the true inquiry is revealed by the picture, viz. “What happens if we put some ants on some stilts?”. Witness and marvel.

Scotching Their Chances

TMFDPost a comment • 605 views

Oh dear, poor old Andy Murray. Just by showing his allegiance to Scotland he has suddenly gone and made himself very unpopular with the English. When asked who he would be supporting in the World Cup, the freshfaced Tartan Tenniser joking said “Anyone but England”. Not surprisingly really since he is Scottish and the main way they define themselves sportingly is a virulent anti-Englishness. That is the nature of football support, and certainly the nature of these two countries relationship.

It is still a bit of a pity that his weblog has attracted much abuse from England fans. Not that they can’t wish he would lose, and dream on to the halcyon days of Tiger Tim or even the tennis version of Owen Hargreaves: Greg Rudseski. But remember when he wins that means you can’t claim the British victory.

Actually don’t bother wasting that bit of you brain remembering something so unlikely.