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Courting Disaster

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Some of the reviews of 10th District Court (a film which doesn’t even really have an English title) have noted the storytelling majesty of a film which is completely set in a courtroom. Courtroom dramas have all the key points of decent drama after all. And up to a point, 10th District displays this. Petty criminals, drink drivers, harassers, tell their stories to the twinkling harridan of a judge. They are cross examined, and sent off to await verdict. And then we get a verdict (maybe ten minutes later). A microcosm of drama then.

Well yes and no. There are some lovely little vignettes here: the unapologetic drunk driver, the illegal immigrant they cannot get rid of. But there is sadness here too: the harassment case. And there is, sad to say, tedium. Twelve of these short tales are too many, they repeat – often for effect – though often the effect is to undermine the whole thing. Our judge is initially sympathetic, and then you wonder if she too is not prejudiced, a bit close minded and almost dictatorial in her own pronouncements. And the stories, in the end, are not that interesting. The film does show a slice of life, and one which is quite sad to behold: a class system in conflict maybe. But if a court-room is all the drama some reviewers need, then there are plenty of courts out there. I want meaty stories too.

Poptimism – Lesson Three

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Yellow Pearl – Ultravox w Phil Lynott

Supermassive Something – Muse v Britney

Behind Hazel Eyes – DeEjAy TwOcAn (

Can’t Go For That – PJ Pooterhoots

7 Heures Du Matin – Jaqueline Taieb

Downtown – Peaches

Get Up – Ciara

Me and You – Cassie

La Camisa Negra – Juanes

We Are The Pipettes – The Pipettes


Day 76: Monaco

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One Night In Bangkokm being patronised.
“Will you come with us?”
“Do I have any choice?”
“No Madam.”
And so I ended up in police custody in hideous Monaco.


When Monaco asked “What Do You Want From Me” way back in 1995, I expect they did not think they would get a five page missive from me telling them exactly what I wanted them to do. Clearly some of the pages were simply me writing “I WANT YOU TO SHUT UP” in blood of the various members of OMD. However there was a slightly more detailed argument that I will essay here.

“What I want from the band Monaco (apart from them to shut up which is a given).
1) I want you to be better than Revenge, a band whose name describe exactly what they were to anyone stupid enough to buy their records.
2) I want you not to sound like New Order. Completely. Like Barney Sumner had not fucked off taking Prozac to help him write lyrics (!!! Imagine how Prozac would help???)
3) I want you to perhaps not be underpinned by the same twangy bass sound that you, Mr Peter Hook, do in every record you make.
4) I want you, Mr Peter Hook, not to say fook in every interview with the NME.
5) I want you, Mr Other Bloke In Monaco, to stop deluding yourself that this is not just a worthless side project put together by Hooky because Barney couldn’t get out of bed, or was off playing with Johnny Marr
6) I also want you, Mr Other Bloke In Monaco, to perhaps think about Ian Curtis and what he did and if there are any lessons to be learned for your life
7) Did I mention SHUT UP?”