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Mar 06

New Dog Old Tricks

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Publicity gets moving for Who Season Two. The BBC reports everything quite staidly but guess what story the radio is running with? (And, one imagines, the angle the tabs will take on it?) Yes, the Doctor could be a woman! OMG A RADICAL BREAK WITH TRADITION! Or the reverse, since Dr Who producers have been pulling this particular leg year upon year since at least the late 70s. John Nathan-Turner in particular used to ‘float’ Joanna Lumley as the Doctor with fetishistic regularity, and during the ‘lost years’ there were two or three speculative trails along “..AS A WOMAN!!” lines.

Whether or not the Dr should be a woman is not for this blog post to say – I kind of suspect the qn is moot anyway – but it’s heartening to know that the new brooms on the Who marketing staff are happy to open JNT’s Big Book Of PR Tricks every now and then. As long as they stay well away from Ken Dodd…

FD – a celebration

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Maybe it’s alright after all…