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Not me!! Honest. My only familiarity with Dreiser is his use as a BIG STICK for G Groth to beat the readers of The Comics Journal with. Here we see my namesake blogging Dreiser’s works – and encountering a TROLL! Quite a verbose troll too, see the bottom comment on this post. All very curious.

(I know you would all prefer me to blog the picture of me wrestling a giant octopus. It must wait until tomorrow.)


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I am sad to report the end of the MY BIG POT experiment. I am however happy to report that this end is not due to
a) Illness on my part
b) Mold or any other conspicuous nastiness in the pot.
Rather, MY BIG POT has ceased to give me time to consider the lessons learned. And most importantly, because I finished the contents. (Actual real reason, my mother is coming to stay and she would not approve…)

Yesterday was a make or break day. It had been three days since MY BIG POT had been heated. Whilst it was being thoroughly chilled during this period, there were questions about how safe the contents would be for reheating. I therefore reheated thoroughly. Also before I went a large dollop of wholegrain mustard had been added to the pot. Last night I went for the resulting remains, rather dry now much of the liquid had evaporated, with a degree of trepidation. I should not have worried. A much my astringent slop now, the potatoes had almost completely disintegrated and only the shredded cabbage from the sauerkraut had any crunch left. But the morcillo and chorizo were still going strong, as was the Turkish sausage which was really pepped up by the mustard. Going from a warming, hearty subtle stew to an almost eye-wateringly zingy sandwich filling (this is what I did with the last spoonful) in eight days is a success in my book.

Lessons learned will be seen in MY BIG POT 2: coming soon…


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Two miles from Robert Smithson’s large spiral jetty, is an even larger spiral jetty. One is art, about land use and geographic history, and the epic interference with the land. It is a masterpeice, dependent on the rise and fall of the great salt lake. One is about allowing oil exploration equipment into the middle of the road. There is no oil in the great salt lake.

The thing is, that Smithson has gotten huge press lately, a bunch of articles, books, travelling shows, etc dealing with the aniversary of the project. He refuses to acknowledge the twin, barely 10 miles away. His ego and his presence only allows for the creation sui genris.

I think its a better idea to think of it as another (larger) example of how the creation of industry twins the creation of art, esp, in the 20th century.