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So, that much touted Rome drama started last night. It was quite silly really, but I enjoyed it. Those two main Centurians, they are the ancient world’s Robson and Jerome, right? Christmas single, damn right. Oh, and the plummy accents, ha. Compulsive viewing.

Annoying Neutered Rant

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I REALLY REALLY FVCKING HATE seetickets. It’s not the booking fee, I know they need to charge a booking fee, it’s the delivery charge THAT DRIVES ME ROUND THE EFFING TWIST. FOUR POUNDS AND SEVENTY ENGLISH PENCE to deliver two tickets and AND they don’t even use royal mail special delivery, they use a courier service that only deliver during the day WHEN I AM AT WORK in order to pay stupid bloody pointless charges that I have no way of avoiding. At least with special delivery you can go an pick it up at a time that suits you, even if it’s a bit of a trek to the post office, and ANYWAY, these are only gig tickets, it’s not like it’s a credit card or anything…

it would be interesting to find out who owns SMS couriers or at least, how much seetickets/wayahead are paying them for each delivery, to find out EXACTLY HOW MUCH we are being scammed…

To make things worse, on the belle & sebastian tickets I bought today, if you sit down you only have to pay £1.75 postage????????????????????

Brits slow to junk old crap shocker

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Firefox achieves 10 percent market share but the UK is weighing this %age down badly, as it’s 5% in UK, but 14% in US. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU UK PEOPLE. Just STOP using blimmin Internet Explorer. Do it NOW. there is no excuse, it is an OLD old piece of crap software.

Plus you PC users – this is probably the single simplest step you can take to get rid of virus/malware in one simple step. GO GET FIREFOX NOW.

(Yes we do just get our news from slashdot)

“We understand our readers better than anyone else…”

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…and they’re terrified of old women! “ARCH HUMOUR…INTERRUPTING FANTASY…MUST…KEEP….WANKIN’….”

“Haha what a clown I would never make such a foolish career move plz call my agent!”

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i. ok yes i too hate angus deayton so don’t start
ii. and yes i admit i sicked this on myself by flippin over to FIVE during a late-doors attack of the clones ad-break, when i already knew they were running a “50 most embarrassing TV moments evah” type clips-compendium stroke tenth-rate stand-up audition gig
iii. but WHAT IS IT WITH tenth-rate stand-ups piling on a million years after the fact?*

*(viz the moment at issue = deayton’s by-now endlessly rerun public humiliation and betrayal by his former workmates on HIGNFY) yes yes i know he isn’t exactly the fatty arbuckle here, falsely accused and hounded into eternal media unpersondom, but rather a FIGURE OF RUE IT’S SAFE TO COLLECTIVELY BULLY

A. you describe the “joke” you just watched yrself on playback, that we just about to see (ok so far, so hohum, clips-Best-Of-wise (the commentators we remember will be the ones who tell us something we HAVEN’T ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF, possibly) — (clips shows are a bodged first stab at TV’s hegelian critical readdress of the history of its own history after all) (but in a GOOD WAY)
B. copping attitude at deayton’s downfall confuses you w.the LENNY BRUCE de nos JOURS in which way now? you are a MINOR LIGHT ENTERTAINER on the “way up”, makin a small down payment on yr safe entry into the POMO TARBYZONE (where the LOATHSOME PRAWN HISLOP foever squats a-polishin the turd of his “daring moral attack on sacred cows”)
C. Stand-up is the new rock’n’roll TRENDY TEACHER who’s DOWN WITH THE KIDS
D. I blame Bill Hicks

A Change is Gonna Come

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The most minor of all irritants, picture the scene: I, the consumer, have made my way to the till with my purchase. Having handed over my e.g. tenner, I am waiting for a receipt and some change in return. But how does the cashier present this to me, reader? Why, she forms a precarious CHANGE MOUNTAIN, of course, which she then artlessly balances on top my receipt and/or notes and THRUSTS ONTO MY PALM!

Completely oblivious to the fact that this veritable Everest is out of thumb-securing reach AND that my other hand (of TWO) is occupied with my purchase, this cashier has dropped me right into a dillemma: Do I attempt to make it out of the shop, no doubt spilling coppers all over the floor and, thereby holding up the queue and suffering total embarrassment OR do I drop everything onto the counter and attempt to stuff change into my wallet in a panic, thereby holding up the queue and suffering total embarrassment??

Life is full of such trials. But what is the solution?

Communication Breakdown

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Crikey, I, a middle aged businessman, have trouble dealing with email and seem to end up deleting a lot of them. Is this because

a) email is a menace, inefficient, a waste of time, if current trends continue we will all spend 28 hours a day dealing with email by the year 2050, why don’t we all turn it off, o email, o the horror?

b) I’m not actually that good at using email? (GASP!)

Honestly business ppl can you i) stop the email backlash ii) get one basic computer literacy – 90% of ‘wasted time’ in emails is cos people can’t use subject lines properly and don’t know how to precis.

Telephones are worse anyway.

Throttle me why don’t you.

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In the shop on the way back to P’s yesterday I wondered why my throat seemed stiff and I couldn’t breathe clearly. Then I remembered that I was wearing a tie. See, I only wear these bastards like three times a year tops — job interviews, weddings (if I can’t avoid it, open collar often goes down fine), funerals. (And with funerals one of my uncles always sidles up to me and straightens it for me, which is quite sweet, really.) At the moment circumstances dictate several hours of being tied up (DO YOU SEE!!) over three days. Grrrrr. So what I want to know is: WHY TIES? What’s the fucking point? Which arsehole thought this shit up? And where can I join a queue to kick his corporate ass. Peace out, dude.