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THE FT Top 100 Tracks of All Time No.73
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Smiley Culture – “Police Officer”
It has been 20 years since this simple song was released and about a dozen since I fell for it, playing it on a dare in an 80s disco. I have listened to it well over a hundred times, and I’m n[…]

My Sports Injury
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I will let you know who won the Weber Cup soon, and the interweb will tell you if you are antsy, but I want to share with you an honest to god sports injury I developed at the weekend. Not playing of course. Rather from watching. It involves trying t[…]

“Lenin’s Ghost!”
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No, actually, his ghost. Haunting a coffee machine![…]

Limbo Abolished
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Catholic Church to bin Limbo: OK, this sort of nonsense is diametrically opposed to science, you might think. But actually the establishment of Limbo in the 13th century seems to me a reasonable bit of scientific thinking. You have a known fact (&#82[…]

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Not me!! Honest. My only familiarity with Dreiser is his use as a BIG STICK for G Groth to beat the readers of The Comics Journal with. Here we see my namesake blogging Dreiser’s works – and encountering a TROLL! Quite a verbose troll too[…]

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I am sad to report the end of the MY BIG POT experiment. I am however happy to report that this end is not due to
a) Illness on my part
b) Mold or any other conspicuous nastiness in the pot.
Rather, MY BIG POT has ceased to give me time to consider t[…]

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Two miles from Robert Smithson’s large spiral jetty, is an even larger spiral jetty. One is art, about land use and geographic history, and the epic interference with the land. It is a masterpeice, dependent on the rise and fall of the great sa[…]

Shakespeare’s Happy Endings
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I adored the National Theatre Of Brent’s laughably overambitious productions, with Jim Broadbent’s Wallace playing stooge to Patrick Barlow’s pompous twit Desmond Olivier Dingle, as the two of them tried to stage things a touch too […]

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…No, fear not gentle reader, I do not mean the classic curse of the property-owning classes’ weekends, but something EVEN MORE EVIL!!! It is CD players wot insist on doing DIY glitchy remixes of all yr favourite records, despite all teh c[…]


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