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Sep 05

delurking grape novice writes

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i like wine.
i love it.
but i don’t know anything really, just that i’ll drink any old plonk (oh i like this one rioja my local always has).
so the other night i went w’ a load of wealthier, older, wiser people (swill the wine in the glass, looks like i had a clue…) to some upscale wine tasting where i had a flight of Spanish reds (and drooled over the cheese a companion ordered).

let’s see if my notes can be identified correctly, set against the notes the bar provided:

bin 29
2003 Bierzo, Bodegas Arturo Garcia, “Hacienda Elsa”
Generously aromatic…skillfully integrated…red licorice, spice and leather.
+ Smells like some sort of ale…woman looks like Ulrika Jonsson – ah! It seemed pretty fruity.

bin 30
2003 Ribera del Duero, Arzuaga, “La Planta”
On their website, this was next to a Rioja. random bouquet. taste all over the shop. veritable feast etc. ARDKORE.
+ plush texture…complex assortment of black cherry, currants.

bin 31
2002 “Ludovicus”, Vinos Pinol, Terra Alta (Tempranillo/Grenache/Syrah/Cabernet)
2,900 cases of this little gem were produced…black pepper and a lingering finish.
+ lovely taste explosion. Again smooth. q. a powerful aftertaste.

bin 32
2003 “Monastrell”, Bodegas Olivares, Altos de la Hoya, Jumilla (100% Mourvedre)
Smooth, doesn’t seem much tannin. could drink that all night.
+ rich with earthy dark fruit, dark chocolate.

CONCLUSION = Oz Clarke’s position is safe….for now.

next week, whisky lover me [er, Bells and, oh, um, CHIVAS REGAL COCKTAILS YI YI] goes on a Speyside walking tour with Michael Jackson.

Don’t know what you got till etc.

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The Nu-Guardian reaches Friday and so it’s time for the new look Review, or rather Film & Music. And something leaps out at me. They’ve replaced the old “at home with…” feature, in which musicians talked about their favourite records and how they listen to music, with, ahem, We’re Jammin’ by Pascal Wyse, “where we will subject accomplished musicians to a jamming session with me and my trombone – to find out what they play, how they play and what it feels like to be inside their music”. The first subject is Jamie Cullum.

This isn’t a bad totally idea, though for me the ‘good idea’ aspect of it is mostly encapsulated in the word “trombone”. It’s a shame it had to replace the previous feature, though: asking recordmakers about how they consume and use music can be so illuminating, and allows them to talk about such a variety of things – their inspirations, their recommendations, how what they listen to affects how they work. In comparison talking about playing music with them seems more limited (though in a clever stroke the paper makes the results of the jams available for download): anything technical is likely to be edited out, after all.

And of course there’s the question of how wide Pascal Wyse’s definition of “musician” is going to stretch – another good thing about the old feature was how it would occasionally reveal the musical nous of ‘manufactured’ stars and the conservatism of the well-respected. Little chance of that here, I think.

Lager Bread

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So I’m on the bus home yesterday and bump into my landlord. For many people this would be a bad thing, but I get on extremely well with my landlord and we got to chatting. And one of the things that came up was how he was doing much more cooking these days. Including making his own bread.

I don’t have a prejudice against home baking, but have always viewed it with a little bit of suspicion. I wish I had the time to make proofing doughs and starters and the like, but never had. Luckily neither did my landlord. Indeed his recipe pretty much had two ingredients. About 800 grams of self raising flour. And a can of Fosters.

He had picked this recipe up in Australia, so I am not sure if it depends on a special Fosters ingredient or works with any beer. But it did intrigue me to the extent that I may give it a go this weekend. Here is the closest I can find on the interweb to this Lager Bread: Beer Bread.

Smokers Twice As Likely To Go Blind

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So this ananova story says. I assume it must be due to them accidentally putting their fags out in their eyes.