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Aug 05

Rusty Goffe: Spoilsport

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One of the big decisions in the casting of the new Charlie And The Chocolate Factory was casting Deep Roy as ALL of the Oompa-Loompas. Technology makes this easy, but it was a sad day for the section of Equity who deals with actors of restricted height. So to add to the insult: the sorry story of Ezzy Dame: a man who claimed to have played an Oompa-Loompa in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Unmasked by chief Oompa Rusty Goffe as a charlatan, this American liar was never painted orange or sang “Loompity me and loompity you”. Not on camera anyway. What he does in his own time is his own business.

I know what some readers will be thinking, that this is similar to a story I tell. Except
a) I never claimed to have played an Ewok, I was too short to be picked
b) My story is true.

Dr Quack meet Dr Croak

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Animals have regional accents. This is taken as gospel around here, due to the groundbreaking work of Dr Quack. However this does not seem to be complete scientific wisdom, as there is much surprise over a Norfolk species of frog with a distinctive accent is reintroduced to the wild. So meet the frog with a distinctive East Anglian accent.

Great by name…

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I’m surprised we haven’t written about the Great Nepalese on Eversholt Street before, I know I’ve been there with other publoggers previously, but the search says we didn’t tell you. I was hoping to find a previous review to remind me what I’d had last time, as on visiting last night, one thing JUMPED, nay CRIED OUT, from the menu, and I can’t believe I would have had anything else. The dish in question was NARGIS KOFTA, another thing I can’t believe I’ve not written about here before (blimey, we’ll be doing scooterman next!), although I know I’ve told the tale of the nargis kebab in pub and curry house many a time. A delicacy I thought existed only at the Cheltenham Tandoori had made its way to London, and what a delicacy!

Take one (1) hard boiled egg
Coat in spiced, minced lamb
Bung in tandoor
Serve with salad and a little omelette on top

This dish had taken the standard Nargis and covered it with a mild but very tasty spicy tomatoey sauce to make a starter into a main. Again, despite talking about this delicacy on many occasions, I seem never to have googled it either, or surely I would have found The Nargis Kebab Appreciation Site which tells you all you need to know, including a long list of restaurants mainly in the west midlands of where Nargises (Nargi?) are available, clearly my Cheltenham experience was a southern outpost of this trend.

The Great Nepalese is, um well, pretty great actually, the side dishes (black lentils and dry spicy chickpeas to name two) in particular are very well done, sitting next to three vegetarians meant I got to try quite a few of them as well!


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See, its not just me who is plagued by typos. This poor young chap (yob if you will) if now condemned to walk the streets drinking alcohol. The subtle difference between the word “with” and “without” makes or breaks this court order:

Magistrates heard the youngster, who cannot be named, was technically breaking the law if he was found walking the streets of a quiet market town without alcohol.

I Predict A Rillette

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My holiday in France had three aims: visiting Maman et Papa in their new home, going to look at lots of animals, and the traditional French holiday diversion of eating a ton of lovely nosh. My parents have moved to the Limousin, one of the less populated and more rural parts of France, known for its namesake cattle breed, so beef was high on the menu. Limousin cattle are of sturdy build and are a particularly rich brown shade: they look beautiful and indeed delicious. And so it proved – the beef I had at the Relais de Vayres restaurant as part of its regional speciality menu was the best I’ve had in a very long time, deep in flavour and really rewarding a good long chew.

Other regional specialities include chestnut liqueur (I saved this experience for next time), foie gras, a warm salad including smoked duck and lovely gizzards, and a pot of some mysterious greasy substance which I think – curse me for not noting this down – was called grittin. We thought it might be the local equivalent of schmalz but it turns out that it’s a residue from pork fat after the fat itself has been extracted – whatever’s left in the cauldron after you remove the lovely fat is turned into this stuff and potted. On hearing this I felt a bit less guilty for not actually liking it; it looked and tasted rather like old school sandwich spread.

Modern art of coding

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Most weeks something pops up on the information superhighway about a project to hack some old technology into new, that you could make one up and someone has either done it or is working on it. Here I’ll make up: MAME emulator on the Nintendo DS. I bet someone somewhere is already playing Gyruss through to the end level on that one.

My eye was caught this week by Doom on an iPod (there’s a video, and though 4 fps doesn’t sound promising, it looks surprisingly playable!), but that ipodlinux site held something closer to my heart….

Still got a zx-spectrum, but no old-fashioned cassette recorder to load up the games? Well worry no more! Load up your ipod with .tzx files and play them out of your ipod right into your spectrum earphone socket! Sounds just like the real thing loading! Thrill! as the AticAtac loading screen spills down the screen! Gasp! (and Marvel!) as you wonder where people find the time to create this stuff.

Nobody asked for it, nobody “needs” it, not everyone can do it well, nobody will pay for it. Truly, this is art.