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None More Rockist
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What is the rockistest idea ever? Well, we have to acknowledge that MTV’s Unplugged notion set a good mark, but I think the Don’t Look Back series of gigs in London, which started with the Stooges at the Hammersmith Apollo last night, set[…]

Jolly Churchill STAMPING On Hitler’s Face
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The Political Cartoon Gallery scares me. Open for about a year now on Store Street, I am not quite sure how it stays open. Nevertheless if you ever want to be reminded that political cartoons aren’t funny, this is the place for you. It does see[…]


Food Science Day 4: The Culinary Art of the Bad Pun 1
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AIM: To establish whether a bad pun can lead you to inventing a delicious new dish. In this case: LYCHEES ON TOAST
APPARATUS: Pestle & mortar; grill
INGREDIENTS: 1 middle-sized tin lychees; 3 slices of bread; 1 slice’s worth of butter for […]

three children and it
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or: the beast of hackney revisited
at the weekend i got an exciting couple of emails from a Mr GEOFF C. in ref. my “three skinned bears” blog7-post of august last year. With his permission, I reproduce an extract (my emphases):


FOOD SCIENCE DAY 3: The Experiment We Did Not Do
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AIM: To see if the BabyBel advert is correct and that BabyBels break the laws of conservation of energy by being able to bounce higher than where they were dropped from.
APPARATUS: A third floor balcony. A BabyBel (like this one, but not this one be[…]

ME and You and Everyone We Know = Happiness 2: The Happy Version
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I won’t add to the general goodwill flooding towards Miranda July’s indie flick, Me And You And (A Dog Named Boo) Everyone We Know, except to say that it really is that nice. And it is a nice film where lots of kids are being very sexual.[…]

Best Toy Ever!
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I had one of those meetings today where we do ‘creative work’, this means our meeting environment was filled with TOYS including my new favourite toy EVER viz. GEOMAG. GEOMAG is a simple construction toy consisting of a load of small meta[…]


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AIM: To see if avocado is nature’s butter (2). If it is, can you bake a cake with avocado instead of butter?
APPARATUS: Cake tin with removable base, various bowls, electric whisk, blender, sieve, dessert spoon, sharp knife; 4 eggs, 12 oz sel[…]


FOOD SCIENCE DAY: 1 Green Eggs (No Ham)
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AIM: To see if avocado is nature’s butter (1). If it is, can one scramble eggs in it?
APPARATUS: Frying pan. 4 Eggs. A small avocado.
METHOD: The mashed avocado was smeared on the pan which was then brought to the heat. When the avocado was cle[…]


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