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… but have no suitable luggage – what do you do? Tracer Hand of ilx has the answer.

I’d Rather See Dave Lee Travis Play Macbeth

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I had a sublime experience watching Primal Scream at Glastonbury a few years ago. There. I. Said. It. They popped up on BBC3 yesterday with ColinandEdith, and it was a… ridiculous experience. Booby Gillespie’s (real typo, kids) ‘I am a 45-year-old junkie’ act was the very definition of sad-sack punker rockism. At 17, I probably would have loved it: “OMG! Someone just said ‘techno Jerry Lee Lewis'”. Twat. And they slagged off Basement Jaxx.
In general though, having up to five channels covering Glasto was awesome fuckin’ welles. I still haven’t lost the habit of looking for people I know in the crowd. The music was a bit pish overall, but any TV Glasto vet will tell you that’s, like, beside the point: it’s the experience that counts.

Hello, and High Water

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Expect a tumble of fractional posts over the next few days covering all the stuff we saw and did at Glastonbury. For now, it’s enough to say that we survived, only one of our tents didn’t make it through the thunderstorm, and once we’d all got kitted out and adjusted our expectations we all had a terrific time (at least I think we all did) (anyway I did). In contrast to last year when the festival just got a bit more miserable and dreary as things muddied up, the floods this year were genuinely spectacular and quite exciting – at the same time as you dearly wanted them to stop there was a sense of morbid fascination about quite how awful things were going to get.

They also happened at a pretty good time – on the Thursday night they’d have ruined the big social evening, later in the weekend they’d have made the festival end on a sticky low not a sweaty high. But the floods right before things got started properly, meaning everybody had plenty of time to plan (and the stalls time to get more wellies in). They meant that we plotted our days much more carefully – there was a lot less wandering about, a lot more consideration of what people wanted to do and a lot more sticking together – I’ll remember it for the friendliness (general and within our group) as much as for the deluge.