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Jun 05

Wolf Flow

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Top analysis of the Bad Wolf conundra by mysterious livejournal user.

A question: when is the last time a TV series went into its final episode with this much mystery/speculation going on? OK yes we’re fans and on the Interweb, this isn’t “Who shot JR?”. But it’s still a big risk for a show to be taking – get it wrong and the disappointment might ruin the preceding weeks for many. 45 minutes seems far too short for a slam-bang Dalek war and a convincing round-up of all this speculation. But we’ll see. Even if they do fuck it up now I’ve got to thank the BBC for making the Dr Who revival more entertaining, exciting and interesting than even an optimistic me had imagined.

PS. It’s the Face of Boe, obv.

Grouch It Up

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Stylus singles jukebox – I didn’t like the records any more than last week but I made a little more effort with the blurbs. I owe William B Swygart a favour for sparing my blushes as I sleepily mis-identified the Missy “Lose Control” sample as Kraftwerk not Cybotron, and then based my (unprinted) review on it. It got a 7: other missing blurbs were Jem (mimsy, 4), DFA 1979 (indie, 4), and I couldn’t bear to write about Shakey.

My woman is shite

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At some point in the last week I worked out that Malcolm Middleton is singing ‘My loneliness shines’ on the song called, erm, ‘Loneliness Shines’ which has been all over 6Music, not as I had originally heard ‘my woman is shite’. (i.e. probably at the point where I heard the DJ name the track s/he had just played.) While certainly a more pleasant sentiment, and less of a nod to the popular caricature of Falkirk’s finest misogynist rocksters, I still think my misheard lyric would have been a much better starting point should Middleton have wanted to avoid producing dreary self-pitying romantic drivel.

Cheese Rolling, Coopers Hill, Gloucs, May Bank Holiday

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Subtitle: Great British Festivals where injuries are inevitable.

What’s the origin? No-one really knows and so out come the traditional explanations like harvest festival and test of virility. Medieval Jackass in other words.

The gradient of the hill starts at 1:2 although further down it shoots vertical for a short stretch and the slope is uneven for most of the 200 yard ‘course’.

Vegans are up in arms. The pierced and shaven-headed food fascists want to substitute the cheese with a soya alternative. “It is unethical” they say but sympathy has more pressing assignments. Injuries happen every year; sprains and bruises, breaks and splinters. In 1997 a ‘competitor’ went to hospital with head injuries after the cheese cracked his skull.

I gave it a go a few years back. The first few steps are fine, but gathering momentum the hill rises up and physics demands stumble then tumble. The first to the bottom gets to keep the cheese. Those with double Gloucester in their sights have developed the ability to run and fall simultaneously and their acceleration is frightening. Bottom of the hill are private medical officers ready to stop and catch and load onto stretchers.

I don’t wish to be rude to the west country, but some of these folk were a bit Deliverance. Head-over-heeling down the hill I was more worried about some sister-fiddler landing on my head than naturally cracking my own bones. The calcium in the cheese should repair the bones shattered in its pursuit, I suppose. I got to the bottom grass-stained and intact but the cheese was long gone.

Eating Things Whole

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Eyes put people off. Bones too I guess. And if you are squeamish about offal, then eating a whole fish will include all of that. So some people don’t like whitebait because it all goes down the same hole. The fact that said liver, bowels and eyes are so small in size to register does not seem to matter.

I (of course) like eating thinks whole, and all of animals. Admittedly small animals as the bones can tend to cause a problem, though a wodge of bread can help out on fish up to the size of a big sardine. As well as the whitebait I have eaten whole locusts, shrimps, snails (sans shell) and now I am happy to say whole freshwater crabs. With shell. 50p piece sized bodies, claws and carapace make them pretty crunchy, but nicely spiced and very moreish, with plenty of nice meat inside. I ate them at Highway 4 in Hanoi, though they are not unusual on Vietnamese menus. And I recommend, if you like eating things whole.

Bootlegs not dead

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Be: DJ Lance Lockarm

Take: Ready for the World‘s Prince/fakeBritfop genius mid-eighties classic “Oh Sheila” — make sure it is the a capella version

Take: Black Strobe‘s ‘ve make you dance the industrial body punish way for those who have forgotten Front 242 are doomed to repeat it’ revival “The Abwehr Disco”

Create: “Sheilium”

Serves millions.