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This Ordeal
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OK, first of all, I was completely wrong about Big Brother this year. It is horrible, but also fascinating, and an amazing piece of collaborative theatre – directors and cast trying to pull it each into a different rhythm, all of them very awar[…]

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Here is how you become a pop star.
1. Go to record company.
2. Say “I am a celebrity can I put a single out?”
3. Repeat 1 and 2 until someone says “Yes”
4. Release record.
5. If the record is good enough* you will now be a pop[…]

When Formats Colide
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ITV, not cowed by pisspoor reality TV ratings have hit on a new format that blends two of their biggest hits with one middling on. So take a soupcon of Hit Me Baby One More Time and add a bucket of Pop Idol and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Her[…]

This Is Not A World Record
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I have always believed that something is not a world record just because no-one has thought of doing it before (cf Big Brother 2 and the stupid sugar lump tower). So “breaking” the record for the highest dinner party is not a proper recor[…]

Waiting For Adam & Paul
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(Article pointlessly posted on Blog 7 accidentally re-emerges).
Adam & Paul are a pair of Dublin junkies. They wake up not knowing where they are, and spend the rest of the day/film trying to score/doing nothing. They talk in circles. They have […]

A Proposal To Improve Glastonbury (Or Any Other Music Festival Really)
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A blanket ban on any live act performing original compositions before, say, 2PM. This is the main insight you’re left with camping near the new bands/John Peel tent but a wander anywhere onsite on any morning will show that the principle holds […]

The Gravity Of The Situation
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One of my favourite all time ILx threads suddenly popped back today, and between more musing on nuclear power, I suggest anyone who has ever been afraid of gravity ceasing to exist so pop over there. The mass of Ilx science know-it-alls explain what […]

I’ll Have A Long Skinny Dylan Please
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Shock! Horror! Dylan sells rights to music to be played in EVIL StarbuXor. As the cossetted article points out, Dylan has been doing this for forty years. And anyone can play any record in a shop they like if its had a commercial release (its covered[…]

Tentpole Books.
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What do people read in the summertime? Predominantly I’d wager whatever is in the 3 for 2 section at Books Etc at the airport. And these in turn are possibly fueled by other media sources: Richard & Judy’s Book Club for instance, and[…]


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