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In April and May 2005 Blog 7 was a blog about Politics

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Culture Wars: one step forward one step back

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Former UN worker barred from charity gig because incorrectly ‘authentic’. If this is true (link from popjustice) then things are worse than we thought. The alliance of bleeding heart crypto-liberalism with the elitism of the arts open up a new front in the war on pop. If discrimination on grounds of ethnicity is banned, why isn’t discrimination on the grounds of ‘authenticity’? (And of course, ethnicity = authenticity, for much of the left.)

INVENTION OF BAD (parents’ edn)

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following up tom’s post, i just realised i carry in my head a kind of “old person’s equivalent to kid’s free pass” in ref pop cult stuff: viz that if my dad (and obv it applied to my mum too) expressed liking for something, i never applied the “provocation and/or posture filters” that i’d automatically bring to bear if one of you lot say some mouthy ilx bigwig proclaimed a like or (more usually) a dislike for x, y or z

ie re eccleston-as-who: when we were watchin the “winged beats of time” ep, there wz a shot of ecc watching from the street corner in mute appalled disgust as rose created the timefold, and dad turned to me and said “he’s very good in this, isn’t he?”

and i chose to interpret this as “good as in just GOOD” (ie not some triply-complicated crypto-brechtian adjustment in ref what WE ONCE HOPED POP CULTURE WOULD BECOME or ditto) (this wz also why i liked talkin to mum abt TV: bcz she didn’t have an agenda beyond her own stimulation and distraction) — i KNOW my liking for dr who this time round is (partly) complex and positional, even though i also really do actually enjoy it “on its own terms”; but i assume my dad’s has none of the first tumult of faff, so he must be “less likely to be deluded’ about the latter — but now that i have written this assumption out cold, it seems questionable to me somehow (but how?) (or else why?)

dept of poetic outcomes (eu division)

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i. is it really actually true that not so long ago, chirac went on TV w. a purple balloon labelled “plan b” and popped it w. a pin??!?
ii. noting placing of france in eurovision song contest – ie LAST – can we expect relegation or similar? the provisional EU = mitteleuropa; the continuity EU = france; the Real EU = the uk!!
iii. is blog 7 still about politics?

(i enjoy how half the responses – ie to all france’s NON – have been “this is a calamity! but actually it won’t make much difference to anything” on which case, BEST CALAMITY EVER!! )