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(viz SYNCHRO obv)

yesterday wz the GOLDEN GOGGLES AWARD for swimmin pools good and bad (and shut down)

it wz presented in uber-classic synchro/performance art format: viz happened in an EMPTY SWIMMIN POOL DO YOU SEE! (step forward marshall street pool) where a CLOTHED DUNCAN GOODHEW DO YOU SEE! made announcements of winners and losers while his voice was LOST TO MIRROR-SURFACE CERAMIC ACOUSTICS DO YOU SEE! while the list he wz supposed to be readin from was LEFT SOMEWHERE ON A TAXI DO YOU SEE!

the politics of swimming are even more interesting than the politics of foopball bcz they involve THE DIALECTICS OF RISING UP OUT OF THE SEA and WHETHER WE WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPIER if we had (as some radically argue) STAYED THERE??!!

Peckham Pet-Tastic

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Down in Sunny Peckham something’s happening.

You can call it socially engaged practice, you can call it democratised art, you can call it goofy fun, but we can all agree it’s Pet-Tastic.

I think I was unsuccessful in my attempts to persuade some good friends of mine to take their months-old baby down there dressed as a doggy. That would have been the best thing.

Great GIANT SQUID news for all our readers!

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WAHEY! the Natural History Museum is going to have a real actual GIANT SQUID in a tank, although I think the graun is pushing it by saying “…for the first time ever, members of the public will get to see one of the most mysterious animals that lives on Earth.” Surely it is members of the public who tend to find these things washed up on beaches etc…

Anyway, FAGS (fancy a giant squid)?