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Who designed a supply chain like this

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Who designed a supply chain like this

Loyd Grossman’s Tomato and Chilli sauce is basically the arabbiata in their range of sauces, but it knocks every other version – Sacla, Sainsbury’s Safeway, Morrisons, Seeds of Change – into a cocked hat. I adore it, and sadly for me, so does most of Britain it seems.

Can I get it anywhere? Nope. The places in the last month where it’s not been are:

– Sainsburys Greenwich
– Safeway / Morrisons Blackheath Standard
– The convenience store in Blackheath Village
– Sainsburys local in Holborn
– Sainsburys local at Paddington Station
– The grocery store in Exmouth Market
– Sainsburys Straiton Junction (Edinburgh)
– Sainsburys online

Is there a reason for it? Is it really popular, against the expectations of the people who make it? Or is it not very popular, with a small but vocierous customer base? I dunno. I just wish they’d sort it out. I’m sick of Tomato and Basil, and Sainsburys online replaced Tomato and Chilli with bloody Puttanesca made with evil nasty sodding fishing anchovies

Num Num Tom Yum

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Num Num Tom Yum

About 18 months ago, I wrote about how my favourite noodles had seemingly disappeared. Blue Dragon Tom Yum RIP. I eventually wrote to Blue Dragon, who advised me to go to their SE London stockest, a shop which turned out to be really close to where I live. Sadly, I was disappointed, and the shop didn’t have them. I never went back.

But then last week, I found their new brother product. It’s a microwaveable bowl, called ‘Spicy Thai Noodle Bowl’. Find them, and eat them. Made of rice noodles instead of wheat, they’re deliviously lovely. They’re still as spicy as they were. Rejoice!

There was a change though. I had a hangover this morning and after I tucked in to feel the purgative effects of the chilli, I reaslised that their hangover curing powers weren’t as strong as they used to be. I suspect that might be less the fault of the noodles and more that I’m 6 years older than when I last them. Sob.

Give Us Your Money

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We’re almost ready to give you all the details of March 24th’s Poptimism launch night (in fact we’ve already given most of them) but I thought I’d draw special attention to one particular aspect of the new night.

We’re charging – £2 a head before 11, £4 a head after.

“Are you kidding? I’m not paying for this load of amateur tat.” – if this is your reaction then believe me, we sympathise. Here’s why we’re doing it, well #1 is WHY we’re doing it, #s 2-4 are why it’s not so bad a thing:

1) We have to, to cover the costs of the security man the venue is providing us with.

2) When we work out how many people are coming to these things regularly we’ll adjust the prices or work out a membership scheme or something so you’ll pay as little as possible.

3) The drinks are going to be cheaper than in the Chapel. We estimated tha if you have four drinks at Poptimism you’ll have covered your entry cost based on the old prices.

4) Once we’ve paid off the security man and whoever we rope in to do cloakroom work, any other money isn’t going straight into our pockets. It’s going into the Freaky Trigger Fighting Fund which pays for lawsuits with Universal our hosting, kewl gimmicks, beautiful flyers, things to make the club night better, Trig Brother style entertainments, buying every NOW CD the day it comes out, and so on. (And if you’re a hardcore regular and you really really can’t afford the £2 we can use the fund to sub you in.)

So there you go!

forbidden fruits-de-mer

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forbidden fruits-de-mer

when i shared a flat w.sistrah becky there were three things i wz not allowed to eat unless she wz away for several days

i. baked beanz
ii. rollmop herring
iii. smoked oysters

well i just rediscovered those little john west tins of smoked oysters, the kind of thing early kings of england died of a surfeit of surely!! (and GOOD FOR THEM!)

“a real bottom-feeder thought that one up”*

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“a real bottom-feeder thought that one up”*

didn’t see all of the harold shipman doc as it clashed first w.old-skool csi (abt suburban sex parties!) and then shameless BUT as i have a pal who wz shipman’s patient briefly as a teen in hyde i kept filcking back to it

here’s who annoyed me most: forensic psychologist/media-slut/posterboy for smug vanity p4ul br!tt0n

everything i saw him say last night that wasn’t boilerplate common-sense wz Pure Distilled Hindsight: as in “given that we ALREADY KNOW HE WAS A SERIAL KILLER, this is typical behaviour for a serial killer” — he “fits the profile” etc etc

but isn’t isn’t br!tt0n the brains behind the c0l!n st4gg debacle (st4gg wz prime suspect in the r4chel n!ck3ll murder, wz appproached by a wpc pretending to be into wierd violent sex fantasies, to encourage him to confess: he didn’t, wz charged anyway, the judge chucked it out as entrapment plus flagrantly poisoned evidence)? st4gg “fit the profile” (provided we coax him w.promises of hott sex out of his actual fantasies towards profile-style fantasies): now it seems at least possible that the police, eyes turned obsessively towards the tastier suspect, missed the actual killer – who went on to kill again

i realise criminal psychology has to start somewhere and that somewhere is likely to be a bit lame (cf phrenology etc), but profiling as self-presented on TV seems relentlessly after-the-fact (the people who had an inkling were non-psychologist** locals aware that their sense of the humdrum pattern of life-and-death was subtly disturbed): whenever challenged, HS easily talked his way out of difficulty – wd a psychologist’s early insight have done any better?

*h.lecter on quantico profiling’s notions of serial killer types)
**disclaimer: i once asked a supercute forensic psychologist out on a date and was rejected***
***it wasn’t p4ul br!tt0n, who looks like a conceited potato

Horse Vs Dog

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Very unpleasant. Also in the pub last night the glaring flaw in this rhyme was once again dredged up viz. why, casting around for the natural enemy of a dog, does the old woman settle on a horse?

Unless she just likes horse, of course.

Man Bites Dog

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No, really…

Ocean’s 12 is a soundtrack in search of a movie.

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Ocean’s 12 is a soundtrack in search of a movie. No, scratch that. It is one of those soundtracks to imaginary films made by bands like The Cinematic Orchestra which somehow has stumbled across a film that kind of fits it. WHatever, David Holmes produces a very nice, plot-moving soundtrack to a home video of fifteen or so actors bumming around Europe. Its almost a feature length version of that Southern Comfort ad where the American Interrailers get on the train to Barcalona instead of Prague. “To Prague” they cheer, until asked for tickets to Barcalona. “To Barcalona,” thety riposte oblivious of the fact that
a) They may not have tickets to Barcalona
b) Their wardrobe will be totally inappropriate
c) that actually they probably could get off the train quite soon and just get on the next train to Prague.

This advert therefore merely goes to disply that perenial Southern Comfort drinking will rot the brain so much that the difference between Barcalona and Prague is negligible. “Hey, we’re just here for the bouzing on the train.” Substituting the train for the high class hotel, and that’s what Ocean’s 12 is all about.

The main note of diquiet comes from Don Cheedle, whose English accent has improved slightly, but not enough. One wonders if his Hutu accent is equally plausible in Hotel Rwanda.

ELVIS PRESLEY – “Crying In The Chapel”

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#197, 19th June 1965

A curious fake-out – this is not a song about grief, so why stress the “crying”? And who sees Elvis crying there? The presence of a “you” changes the song from a sermon into a conversation, a private attempt at conversion. In other words a seduction, which is where Elvis (and his crying) generally does the business. But not this time: Presley sounds half hesitant, half smarmy. Being in the chapel means being on his best behaviour, and his exaggerated delicacy is invasive somehow. Maybe that’s the unbeliever in me squirming – “Crying In The Chapel” has an intensity and directness which I’ll admit to finding unnerving. Most Christian hits since find a compromise between piety and pop, which makes it easy for me to just pick the second and brush off my lack of the first. Elvis won’t let me do that and I resent him for it.

Last chance to play

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Last chance to play over at the high-tension finale to Troubled Diva’s “Which decade is tops for pops?” poll.