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Feb 05

Channel 4

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Channel 4 is launching its new digital channel, More4, in October, for factual-based programming. It’s intended to be ‘more down to earth and accessible than BBC Four’, with ‘a strong international flavour’.

Have a guess which Channel 4 programme the BBC website has decided to illustrate this with, then.

I was trying to work out what it was that was nagging

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I was trying to work out what it was that was nagging me about The Door In The Floor. It is a sedate and thoughtful movie which is a wee bit like the Graduate with less laughs, and more tragedy. And a naked Jeff Bridges.

And even though I had guessed where the actual door in the floor was, the weight of childrens book symbolism distracted me from what should have been plainly obvious.
The Door In the Floor = A Trap Door.
Never, ever, ever open the door in the floor = Stay away from that trap door, cos there’s something down there…

Kill yr idols, right?

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Kill yr idols, right? I can’t face this book, don’t want to. This is probably not the first time I’ve bashed David Thomson here, and I’ve not got round to the long and hard work of finding what’s gone wrong and how, but even positive reviews of this book aren’t going to bring me round, this time. What would have struck me as elegant — key quotation: it’s “not just the history of American movies, but the history of America in the time of movies” — now strike me as dumb. Is his book really a history of the States 1895-2005?
There’s something odd about being ‘the world’s greatest movie critic’ — no-one ever makes that kind of claim for literary critics — and perhaps it’s this I find wearisome. It’s not exactly the pessimism Thomson has about Hollywood that I find grinding, more the self-satisfaction that accompanies it.
If cinema really is dead (and it is, kind of), then we ought to be dancing on its grave, not cursing it for its lapses. Recently I used a digital camera for the first time — it cost about £60 and has a moving-image function. I don’t want to sound Lutheran, but there is something last-ditch and scorched-earth about Thomson’s decision to give up on the movies at the very point when they’re going to get interesting.

So what have we learned…?

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So what have we learned…?

1. Everybody likes Here Comes The Hotstepper.
2. Camera phones in dark bars are rub.
3. Wireless laptops are double rub, especially when you foolishly leave yourself logged in and tell everyone to get posting.
4. Where’s Me Jumper is improved with audience participation.
5. Pete and microphones do mix, all too often.

A full retrospective of Club FT: The Chapel Years to follow.

Edwyn Collins seriously ill

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Edwyn Collins seriously ill: upsetting news – hope it’s not as bad as it sounds.