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springcleanin update update

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springcleanin update update:

it seems a pity as some of them had excellent labels etc – a box of chinese prawn cracker mix, various hot cajun sauces – but i cleared out my shelf of jams, chutneys, preserves, pickles etc, being v.strict about sell-by dates: earliest still actually visible = 1998, though the prawn crackers didn’t say, except i think my sister brought them back from america in 1990!!

this last is around the time my grandma wrote a little poem abt living in my parent’s house:
if i should die
think only this of me
the yoghurt was out-dated
it said 1983

(my guess is that some of them were OK still, given the purpose of pickling and the rest, but i wasn’t going to put it to the test


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they’ve changed the TC format slightly, so that the battle comes with a prior getcha-feet-wet skirmish, plus BATTLED PAUSED respites for the amateur warmongers to gather their wits (which the actual real back-in-the-day generals didn’t have, though on the whole their director’s-cut versions of the battles in question took rather longer than half-an-hour in toto): hard to tell if the changes are making it easier for the present-day contestants to win, or that self-selecting TC-fandom is discovering ppl who now play this particular computergame very well (= sort out focused command structure and know to POUND POUND POUND) – certainly the first two eps of this series have seen the gamesplayers in decisive triumphs, which to this viewer at least a little disappointing (as regards learning about war) (as clauswitz probably didnt say, no one ever learnt anything from a victory).

It still repays watching, if only for the stuff that mighty battle-historian Aryk Nusbacher chooses to note), viz, that
a. the nephew of Lady Godiva – one Leofric – fought at alongside Harold Godwinson in 1066, at the Battle of Stamford Bridge
b. that Harald Hardrada’s teenage son was called “Olaf the Flashy”
c. that German tribeswomen stood arrayed behind their fightin menfolk, not (as someone faux-twerpishly asked) “like cheerleaders”, but armed with big butcher knives, so they cd go “SHOPPING FOR JEWELLERY” (if not sunday lunch prime cuts) when the battle was done

mark urban: “if an omelette needs making…”
aryk: “i’m the man to break the eggs!”

mark urban also: “Alea iacta est, as the pirate in Asterix was always saying” O tempora o mores! as classical war scholars might add!!

I sort of worry and wonder at the kinds of folk who like this prog – ie me – broadcast as it is during actual real serious wartime: is the interest just part of a general raised civilian bloodlust, or twisted nostalgia for an age when war was simpler and “nobler” (or indeed “less noble”, since which it is is a hard call i think)?

to further (not) help sort out this observation, the winners of the first ep were a v.scary quartet of BATTLIN VICARS!!


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i. treble turner prizes all round
ii. i spose to be on top of the FACTS i shd actually read everything written by and abt GG’s involvement and exit: from a semi-distance (ie i only watched the tv bits) i deduce that (cash aside) she entered to defeat BB at his own game; realised it wz a tougher nut to crack (for reasons she shd have known if she’d watched it properly previously); started a revolt but cracked herself (dr vick – not a fan or a watcher – pointed out that when GG said “squalid” she didn’t mean “morally squalid” she meant actually not hygenically clean = very extremely demoralising to the super-fastidious); left, and took the game to worlds she better understands and has more control of in (ie WRITING for the PAPERS): i do admire GG’s revolt, and her admission of weakness and error, and (as ever) her refusal to firewall the personal off from the political (plus also these were all “good TV”), but flight into territories she knows better is retreat-by-any-other-name, and victories she may seem to win there will not count as defeats for BB *unless* she also takes on the ACTUAL REAL BIG BROTHERS to tirelessly and capriciously operate – much less “visibly”, and rarely publicly challenged – in the grown-up media. (This will continue to apply if she takes it even further onto her own ground viz ACADEMIA.)
iii. I reread Ben Thompson’s book on 90s TV comedy, Sunshine on Putty, last week also: of course it’s perceptive all round, but particuarly good on the ambiguities and potential of CBB (= thx BT for givin my book a nice review at xmas) (=old pals network alert) (some highlights from email updates re CBB5: “I completely agree with you about Mr M’s punkdom (…) it’s very much of the Sid Vicious variety isn’t it, in the way that his self-esteem seems to be so intimately bound up with his capacity to make people loathe him. When he’d prompted someone to say something really vile back there was always a look of such intense delight on his face” and “I did think Jackie’s assault on the ever more morally reprehensible Davina (who the tv guy in the saturday telegraph in a rare moment of acuity called ‘tyranny’s figleaf’) when the latter was trying to present BB’s putting La Stallone into the house as a benevolent act (“You didn’t want to bring me and Brigitte back together, you wanted us to rip each other’s heads off, and because that didn’t happen now you’re looking for another story”) was one of the most astute pieces of criticism to which the endemolians (copyright G Greer) have ever been subject.”)
iii. “the bez” (ie the concept not the person) turns out to be the bez!! kenzie = the xander (which by BB iron law = whoever comes second): his anguished howl, dressed as an egg in the diary room, that he will never be able to perform with Screwface again, is a kind of fast-forward reverse panto effect: whereas the cliche dynamic = “difficult art” (= i guess grime in this case) is in the end “recuperated” into light enterainment, here one of its young stars is given anguished presentiment of same and all the time in his life to respond
Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.
You never listen to a word that I said
You only seen me
For the clothes that I wear
Or did the interest go so much deeper?
It must have been
The colour of my hair

What you wanted was never made clear
Behind the image was ignorance and fear
You hide behind his public machine
Still follow the same old scheme

Two sides to every story
Somebody had to stop me
I’m not the same as when I began
I will not be treated as property

Public Image you got what you wanted
The Public Image belongs to me
It’s my entrance
My own creation
My grand finale
My goodbye
*strange growling noise*

*(it may not be the fifth, i lost count)