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“All trailers are appropriate to the feature presentation.”

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“All trailers are appropriate to the feature presentation.” The feature in question was Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046. The trailer was for the all new digitally animated Magic Roundabout. Appropriate?

Watching the trailer with a growing sense of incredulity it appears that we are in Thunderbirds territory. What appears to be a state of the art computer animated action adventure starring characters whose very appeal was that they were not state of the art or well animated. Indeed the largest part of the appeal was that the story we were being told bore little relation to the original French tale. I am not sure if this trailer would be appropriate to any film it would be partnered with, if only for the fact that Robbie Williams does the voice of Dougal.

The Physics Detective

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The Physics Detective

Whodunnit? The disgraced former Chinese doctoral student? The fiery Polish research competitor? The smooth, sly French professor? The disgruntled American technician, tired of seeing his boss steal his due credit after years of loyal service? The American laser physics expert, seeking revenge for the Nobel snub? The Dutch senior researcher, fuming from lost oppurtunities that are as yet unrevealed? The British journal editor, a respected scientist turned EVIL? Or finally, the hot Russian postdoc, who’d been having a torrid affair with the deceased for nine months, finally losing her marbles in a fit of jealous rage after hearing one too many “of course you’re the only woman for me, I’ll leave my wife, I promise, we’ll be together, just you and me” excuses? (one can only hope that this motive exists)

Jaeger’s “dead” state has been observed … but what about the cat’s? Has the cat finally gotten even with generations of physicists for rolling the dice with its mortality? Stay tuned for Parts 2 through 10!