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Jan 05

I’ve been a bit quiet

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I’ve been a bit quiet lately cos of organising QUIZZES for The Charity. My original plan for last night’s quiz was to use Schnappi Der Krokodil for the incidental music on a hilarious ‘hilarious’ Draw A Celebrity round. Schni schna! But disaster struck when the hastily burned CD turned out to be HAUNTED. It was full of mysterious clanks and groans which surely neither Joy Gruttman or her remixers intended. These strange messages from the beyond are still uninterpreted but the quiz proceeded as normal with Teddybears STHLM soundtracking instead. Now all that nonsense is over perhaps I can get on with proper blogging.

The Inheritance is a dour Danish film

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The Inheritance is a dour Danish film which was probably paid for by the Swedish Tourist Board. It has at its heart a simple dilemma:

Given the choice do you
a) Stay with you lovely wife and child in Stockholm (which is always sunny) where you run a very successful restaurant, have loads of friends and beaucoup de good sex


b) Return to Denmark (where it is always raining) to take over the ailing family steelworks, the cause of your fathers recent suicide. In doing so you will have to fire some of your oldest friends, and upset your brother-in-law and therefore sister who was promised management of the venture. You previously left the steelworks due to it causing you a nervous breakdown, and now you will develop a serious drinking habit. You will also have to spend plenty of time with an overbearing mother who makes Lady Macbeth look mildly encouraging. Oh, and you will end up in a loveless marriage with a barren hag.

Not really a choice is it. And therein lies the problem with The Inheritance.