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Nov 04

ELVIS PRESLEY – “Return To Sender”

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#143, 15th December 1962

At last an Elvis hit with some vim – “Return To Sender” isn’t necessarily a better song than his other ’62 singles but his approach to it is spot on. He’s much more aggressive than usual, the staccato attacks on line endings (“Add-ress un-KNOWN”; “A lover’s SPAT!”) reflecting the frustration of the postal shut-out scenario. It’s an absurd scenario too, so the snarling Elvis is backed up by a breezy band performance, all brisk steps and cartoon honkings.

Atlantis found again

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Atlantis found again: this one tiresomely credible, however.

I went to a book launch yesterday

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I went to a book launch yesterday – having never been to one before this was pretty exciting. I am sure it was fairly typical of book launches in most ways – snacks, red wine, milling intellectuals, good company, ginormous hats. There was a lack of the literary skullduggery I have been led to expect by Posey Simmons, but one can’t have everything. I asked the book’s author at what point the book was officially ‘launched’ but it seemed to be a continuum. Here’s hoping it does very well.