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Javascript on Freakytrigger’s Front Page

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Javascript on Freakytrigger’s Front Page
I just want to flag up that i’m concerned that the front page isn’t very “low tech”. It’s mostly javascript to dynamically update the lists of blog items and (recently) essays. Now I’m not really fussed, and the javascript is v simple and unlikely to cause errors, but if you want to complain (or otherwise). click on the comment link…

(the javascript is simple document.write statements generated by CGI scripts – but that’s just server-side messing about that doesn’t involve YOU the user)


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i think i blogged before abt how the real secret deep winner of the election in four days time will be watchumcall non-mainstream modes of journalism: here a smart old-schooler eloqently concedes defeat on exactly this issue

(the pervasive faults of american high-end reportage actually don’t pervade that much in uk newspapers – which have other faults entirely)

(via jay rosen)

(of course as a lifelong rockwrite derridawonk my basic feeling is we BEEN knowing this girlfren’!)

haha “It does not soil the breakfast cloth?: what a slogan!!

Rational yet Irrational. Part 1 – Eric S Raymond

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Rational yet Irrational. Part 1 – Eric S Raymond

I don’t think we’ve ever blogged a link to madman Eric S Raymond’s Armed and Dangerous blog – so drink up, it’s bonkers stuff. Eric was the author of the famous The Cathedral and the Bazaar open-source polemic, and is by many accounts an intelligent human being. Fortunately for the vanity of lesser mortals, his intelligence has very tight limits, and rarely extends to anything that anyone else would be interested in. As NTK put it (ages ago) “[he] uses logic and free thought to reach the same certainties that sixteen pints of ‘Ayn’s Old Prejudicial’ and a roomful of cab drivers might manage in an evening”.

Highlights of the current blog: “If Kerry is elected, the terrorists will have won” (some Democrats REALLY seem to hate Republicans, WTF!). And “Liberals are fools, [but] Republicans are villains”. The main-stream media IS left-wing of course. Also he solves the problem of Free Will (via the usual crass red-herrings and a startlingly un-novel approach that he somehow managed to miss in all the literature).

There’s something in the way he constructs sentences, even when they make sense, that makes me picture him gazing into nothing with little fires dancing at the back of his eyes. Dangerous indeed.


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4. Castration

Oh, bollocks.

It is probably fairly clear at this point that the fear list jury was made up mostly of men. Freud would have been proud of this entry, which perhaps deserves to be taken psychologically rather than literally (yet another instance where it’s hard to imagine a circumstance in which it might happen). You have to bear in mind though that I’m as qualified to talk about psychology as “Dr” Gillian is to talk about grape nuts. But here goes –

The fear of castration is a fear of emasculation, of powerlessness – and powerlessness is what lies behind nearly all the fears on our list. (So in a sense all male fears are castration fears). It’s a specific form of powerlessness, though – the removal of potency, not simply the state of being without power. It’s not a fear of ‘becoming female’ – it’s a fear of being reduced to a state of sexlessness. You need only look at some of the mocking, nervous, finger-pointing coverage of the ‘asexual’ movement to see that this is a deeply held dread.

My understanding is that life as a castrate wouldn’t be so bad (“it should not be confused with penectomy” says Wikipedia) – for one thing if castrated after puberty one would still be able to have sex, though not to ejaculate. In fact – again this is from Wikipedia – many harem women preferred eunuchs as lovers due to their ability to last longer. So again, this fear is about what castration represents, not about the fact of it. A final note – the Chinese (and yes, you can no doubt guess my source on this) used to use castration both as punishment and as entry to the civil service. In the era of office work and business hierarchies, it seems rather appropriate.

When you’re in a hole…

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When you’re in a hole…

keep digging.

PCGMWatch: October

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PCGMWatch: October

A DUP councillor in Northern Ireland who subjected a colleague to a campaign of homophobic abuse and got successfully prosecuted for it. “On one occasion Templeton bent over in front of [victim], patted his backside and said, “Here you are, John”….earlier this year Templeton described his conviction as “political correctness gone mad” during an interview with the Belfast Telegraph.”

Filtering software on schools computers filters out the word ‘dick’, thus preventing pantomime promotion = story here. The Anglia Television presenter said “it’s political correctness gone mad”.

Rejection of Buttiglioni EC nomination for his homophobic views – Times of Malta weighs in“At best it looks like political correctness gone mad”

Yorkshire Post has strong views on “yet more health and safety nonsense” – fire inspectors are “first-class graduates from the school of political correctness gone mad”

Channel 4: Not Rubbish

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Channel 4: Not Rubbish

04:35 Honda F4-Stroke Powerboat Race Series

Navigational errors cause race upsets in the penultimate rounds of the 2004 Honda Formula 4-Stroke 150hp championship at the Honda British Grand Prix in Plymouth.

Perhaps I should explain. It’s now been a solid six weeks since I last properly watched telly, and what with impending essay deadlines and so on it seemed only right that I started to look through the TV listings to wonder upon what I might be missing, hence that little beauty above. Channel 4 has also been running the Hall Of Fame thing, which it is probably better that I avoided since I don’t need another reason to want to punch people in the face. How very nice of them to have finally banished that horrendous myth that music in the 1980’s might have involved synthesisers or homosexuals.

On BBC2, we notice that HeadJam has now become Vernon Kay’s HeadJam, Balamory’s somehow lost ten minutes, The Smoking Room’s transferred itself across, I am actually quite annoyed that I’ve not seen “Who Do You Think You Are?”, and just generally pissed off that the BBC doesn’t have highlights on its site like what say Comedy Centraldoes, as I spent most of the night before watching clips of the Daily Show and wishing it could be on over here. Instead:

9:00 pm Dead Ringers
American Election Special: Impressionists Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens and Kevin Connelly tackle the US elections, with their versions of John Kerry, Michael Moore, and rap MC George W Bush.

Essay it is, then.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A sadly lacking game. Six or so out of ten. Come back Driv3r, all is forgiven.

Oh alright, bigger review coming.