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Superhero TV Cartoon Theme Songs

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Superhero TV Cartoon Theme Songs

I think my favourite and least favourite TV theme tunes are currently from superhero cartoons. The best of them is the Teen Titans theme. It’s a terrific show very much in the Japanese style throughout, all the characters looking rather like 6 year olds, except with added breasts for the girls of course, with enormous eyes, and exaggeratedly cartooned expressions. The song fits with that – it sounds like a translation from another language, and the singer doesn’t sound as if she really speaks English, with odd emphases and the occasionally not-quite-nailed syllable, but it’s first-rate high energy J-pop with the delivery matching the lyrics beautifully (especially on “When the team go on the attACK!”), and it makes me smile and sing (okay, shout) along with it every time I hear it.

Marvel do less well than DC (I’m ignoring for instance the superb Batman and JLA shows because they don’t have words in their themes)(you see, it says ‘songs’ above). The Hulk theme is very lame, a leaden rock sound with lyrics that seem to consist of only “Hulk… Hulk… Incredible Hulk” in a faux-macho voice. Iron Man fares little better, with something that sounds as if it’s more referring to the old Black Sabbath classic than to the Marvel superhero (actually, that makes it sound much better than it is). (Ha, a pal of mine once composed a version of the old Spidey tune (“Does whatever a spider can”) for Iron Man (“…presses clothes, nice and flat…”).)(Anyone remember the ancient Thor theme? Sounded like an Asgardian drinking song. All together now: “From the rainbow halls of Asgard…” I’m the only one singing, aren’t I?)(yes, shouting)

Anyway, the worst of the lot is the Fantastic Four. The cartoon is pretty poor, despite most of the stories being based on Kirby Klassiks, but the theme is a desperately lame soft rock number, thankfully not so Bryan Adams and painfully sincere as the even worse Enterprise theme (out of scope here), but even weedier. The lyrics start “On an outer space adventure / They were hit by cosmic rays…” which is probably as much as you need to know. (also Stan Lee always introduces the show, which is irritating)

(I don’t really know whether to put this on Brown Wedge because comics or NYLPM because tunes or Do You See because TV shows, dammit. Thankfully no one will care, so…)


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You know the score by now, unwanted CDs of doubtful provenance auctioned on eBay for our Grecian Earn appeal. So forget the blurb and check out these beauties!

Sad Beth for one earth pence!
I Love 1996
Someone take their tartrazine away.
Seven minutes of (pagan)madness
I may hate it – but I bet it sells!
I bought a record by this lot once. I think.
How can you deny a rabbit? (Even a badly drawn one.)
Surely the bargain of the century!

Recording my new album

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Recording my new album — so there was this one and there’s this one and then there’s a so-far unreleased one done back in May, but album number four has been completed and I’m listening to it now as I dub a copy to be sent up to my label bosses in Portland. As before, they suggested the idea and I had to do my best to fulfill the stated brief (this must be how Britney feels whenever a new producer comes into the picture — or something).

Closed the sliding door to the balcony as it was the earlyish morning and not too hot yet, found an old blank tape with a completely inaudible interview with Andy of Therapy? buried on it, set up the trusty Sony cassette recorder on my desk and started reading from the source material. Like the almanac album, I flitted through the options as I saw fit, chose what to read and what to ignore, and came up with something that represents what was asked for. I like to think I have some good moments in there, but we’ll see what people think.

My ‘career’ is little more than a bizarre wonderful indulgence, really — but I do like it!

(And no, I’m not telling you what the album is yet. You’ll find out soon enough.)

How Now

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How Now Christian Metz?

or: Giant Leaps Forward in Film Theory: “Similarly, running around a structure buried deep beneath Antarctica (it’s colder underground) without a hat for an extended period of time is ridiculous. And fighting an alien on the surface of Antarctica without a hat or a coat is beyond insane.” (Matthew Yglesias on Alien vs Predator)

(ps the value of theory is when it can connect to what ppl already want to do with eg cinema and tunnel further, to deepen or to undermine or to drain or to channel away or whatever; the problem of theory is when it sets up a hopelessly inane strawman version of “what ppl already want to do with eg cinema” and tunnels from there) (translation: this post is neither anti-metz nor anti-yglesias)

(pps haha “dwelve”)