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This is MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW. They are on the all-girl Japanese Benten label. Their drummer is called IxMxDxUx. They do a cover version of “Banned from the Pubs” by Peter and the Test Tube Babies. Another song is “Rock Me Bartender” where they bark sometimes. They are from ages ago probably.

There are no matches on Google for ‘extensor molecules’.

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There are no matches on Google for ‘extensor molecules’. Quite reasonable, really, since no such thing exists. But according to the good people at Garnier in their new advert, these molecules are what makes their new shampoo so effective. OK, it may not be Garnier. It may be the people who encourage you to wear a bra on your head (see earlier PBS posts). How perplexing. I myself had a fun experience with shampoo science this morning, using Lush’s ‘black and white bar’ to wash my hair. Rubbing a great big bar on my head I did not feel like a hair pioneer, I felt like a wally. I am also not sure it has cleaned my greasy locks much. But it did smell nice.

Pink on legal warpath

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Pink on legal warpath. There are no details given on what exactly the naughty leaflet said about Pink, or how exactly it would have helped win the Austrian elections. Any guesses?


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PopNose11: We can afford to have two up at once, it turns out. The usual rules apply – if you know what it is, don’t tell. The next PN will be a selection by someone else, good news perhaps if you’ve thought they all sucked so far (I’ve not heard it yet!).

Meanwhile a quick write-up of PopNose8, “Zumbizera” by MC PELE. It will have to be quick because I know nothing at all about this track and its two or three mentions on Google are all from Brazilian weblogs. I found it when looking for baile funk tracks on a P2P – some guy had a pile of them so I downloaded a few at random. A lot of them were excellent but this really stood out, just for its oddness – not many baile tracks push the raviness so obviously, but equally very few are as rooted in traditional Brazilian rhythms. And what’s that balalaika doing there?! In fact the only ‘typical’ baile sound (I’m generalising from about 30 tracks here, I’m hardly an expert!) on the record is that stuttering buzz-drum that kicks it off. In fact my suspicion is this isn’t ‘baile funk’ at all, but a party record done by a funk MC. But then aren’t all funk tracks party records? When you have nothing to go on your conclusions are necessarily vague (and probably completely wrong). GREAT track though, well I think so, if someone were to somehow license it and release it here they might make a few quid.

You can’t buy this anywhere online meanwhile and even if you’re heading to Rio I’m guessing you couldn’t just walk into a shop and get it. It does show up on P2P, sometimes spelt Zumbeizera. There are at least two baile funk compilations in process as far as I know, and not before time, so you’ll be able to make a (more) honest MC of some of Pele’s contemporaries before too long. Meanwhile expect more of this stuff on PopNose soon.