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Mar 04

I Love You Big Dummy!

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I Love You Big Dummy!: Erstwhile blogster (& AMG man about town) Andy K once again frustrates link-happy blogsters wanting to come correct with the referral love by changing his URL yet again. And it’s not a weeblog anymore! But he’s sweet and cuddly, and he shows Michel’le love, so we deal. Also, kudos to AK’s minimalistic column stylee.

Boards of Canada were right!

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Boards of Canada were right!

Open the door, get on the floor

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Open the door, get on the floor

Tom’s post reminded me of another childhood notion that was altered by a shift in scientific thinking.

In the picture books of our youth, yer bipedal dinosaur varieties walked upright with their tails dragging along the ground. Films helped to cement the image, in the public’s mind, of awkward lumbering beasts that could easily be outrun by a nippy, historically out-of-place caveman.

Not for the first time, paleontologists revised their ideas. Along came the 90s and Tyrannosaurus had been down the gym. He now bent forward and held his tail off the ground. Nu-T-Rex looked agile and capable of getting a wriggle on (although it’s still unlikely one could outpace Jeff Goldblum in a jeep). The quadrupeds were given a make-over as well and even completely fictional Saurians were buffed up.

Of course, this could all have been a bit of flim-flammery, on the part of Spielberg, to get a decent car-chase into his dinosaur film. Come to think of it, I’d never heard of velociraptors before 1992.

Bunk Bed Boys

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Bunk Bed Boys: Date for the diary – March 21 (i.e. NEXT MONDAY), 11PM. Do You See contributor Danny Peak has the pilot episode of his sitcom Bunk Bed Boys airing on PROPER TV, as part of BBC3’s Talent Week. It is by all accounts (not just his, ALL OF THEM) very funny and you must watch it.

The Whitney Biennale

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The Whitney Biennale

Mostly conservative, mostly concerned with issues of representation, mostly about things on walls, with some installations and films to balance things out. Refreshing in how old fashioned it is, and in many ways, interesting in how it tackles questions of beauty, and the place of it. Lots of things there because they are skillful or well crafted.

The stuff that could be considered subversive may be here, but are muted, or even emasculated. No Paul McCarthy’s perversion of Disney anamontirics but black drawings on white paper, no Catherine Opie photos of dykes and their place in the SoCal milieu, amongst freeways and palm trees but her Minnesota ice houses. Jack Pierson has been doing radical things with vitrines and assemblage, even his found signs are strange and beautiful–what do we have instead, his Bruce of LA cheesecake. They even have David Hockney and his middle aged drawings of real estate.

The problem is that the best/most interesting work lately has been the reclamation of conservative crafting, not only drawing and painting but crochet and knitting for example…maybe we have reached the limits or reductionist aesthetics and polemicist politics, and are now finding deep joy in Monkeys (Laura Owens gorgeous large scale water colours) and Royalty (Liz Peyton).

(another thought: there is a constant movement to bring film and photography into the fold, and to reward people who make both, perhaps this is the end of the struggle between those who paint and those who take pictures)

Completely fantastic

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Completely fantastic (if somewhat old-skool in design) site devoted to collecting rum labels from around the world. Hours of happy browsing await as you try and find the roughest-looking rotgut on the planet. I am posting this because I am in a celebratory mood, having got a new job. The drink on the left is not endorsed by all Publog contributors, however.

ur all gay planetary bodies

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ur all gay planetary bodies for the rock band Kuiper Belt Object
–Sir Patrick Moore

Sheffield Sex City: The Movie!

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Sheffield Sex City: The Movie! A much better title for the otherwise pretty lousy The Principles Of Lust . Or perhaps highlighting the apparently most daring aspect of the film, they could have called it Teen Fight Club. What TPOL is all about is that hoary old cliche that to live life to the full one must constantly be transgressing norms, breaking rules, and betting on eleven year olds bare knuckle boxing. It presents such an unconvincing case that the entire audience wants to move in with the nice youth worker single mother character and her very funny child and forget those nasty narcissistic men ever existed. Well not the entire audience, two people walked out of the screening I went to see, and I can’t say I blame them. I think I only stayed because it was raining.

This plot is old of course, and suffers terribly from the audience knowing exactly where it is going to go. Actually the film does not even have the courage to follow that through, pardoning our merely misguided lead by making all of the bad elements act massively out of their (admittedly one dimensional and poor) characters. As anti-male a film as I have seen in a long time, the men are presented as idiotic idle wasters, while the women – from the youth worker to the prostitute doing a law degree are almost beatified. Sure if you want to see a grimy film, full of unconvincing, unpleasant characters having rubbish sex in the back rooms of grotty pubs, this is the film for you. But I can’t help but think that even Sex Lives Of The Potato Men is a more attractive option.


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So what was shocking about the Fatima Mansions? Was it the fact that the Irish music scene had never seen such vitriolic satirical bilious lyrics before. Was it the perfect meshing of Cubase beats and thrash guitar with pointed lyrics. Nah. They were just shocking. As in bad.

If a future generation were to dig up a copy of, say, Viva Dead Ponies, they would certainly claim it as the reason we all perished in a nuclear holocaust sometime in the next twenty years. Or at least should have. For the Fatima Mansions are as unlistenable as Cathal OCochlins name is unpronouncable. Unfortunately OCochlin lived in a fabled time when anyone who could operate Cubase and play a guitar was seen as the saviour of indie dance. That these fabled times spat out abortions of nature such as Carter USM and Jesus (oh Jesu!) Jones should come as no surprise. They all seemed a bit thick to operate complex machinery, but then their songs never suggested an in depth understanding of the program.

Take The Loyaliser. Look, its a political song about Catholicism. You cannot really tell that from the lyrics, as they are pretty much just shouty bits over a jackhammer beat and some very messy guitars. And this was their biggest hit. If we dont count their clever double B-Side of Everything I Do (I Do It For You). It was a clever B-Side as it was on someone elses record. It was less clever careerwise for
a) Being someone elses song
b) Being for charity
c) Being absolutely no fucking good.

And then he made a record with Sean Hughes called 20 Golden Showers. He was taking the piss. 20 times.


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(OK possibly it’s something quite other, but that’s what we want and need it to be…)

[all yr cardboard robot DOWNLOAD needs catered for here: galactic megalomaniacs cut-out’n’glue yr own all-conquering armies!!]