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The Best-Selling Artist In The World…Ever!

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The Best-Selling Artist In The World…Ever!: Profile of Annie Vollotton, named as such by the folks in the HarperCollins PR department. She did the very distinctive illustrations for the Good News Bible, my unwelcome companion for much of my schooldays. At the time I thought that the simple, sketchy lines of her pictures were deliberately bland, a considered leeching of excitement from a book rather too heavy on fornication and murderising. Now the BBC point it out, I can see the hippyish elements too, but her art still seems to me to go hand in hand with the Good News translation – itself boiled to the point where all flavour is lost.

Wildlife Corner

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Wildlife Corner: a picture of one of my rabbits, to celebrate my getting my digital camera working again after several months. Expect a more visual FT over the next few weeks, until I get bored with it (or break it!) again.


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Excellent materialist argument from Woebot: someone w.better econochops than me – is J. K. Galbraith still alive? more to the point, is he active on slsk? – shd write a piece on filesharing, share dealing, hard money in cybersociety, market confidence, market panics, actual real runs on virtual banks, the blogosphere, the noosphere, idealism (all meanings) and of course metal (all meanings). “Going platinum w.a bullet” vs “all that is solid melts into air”

(haha that reads like I’m saying the only person w.better econochops than me = Galbraith: actually any chops at ALL in this area is more than I have…)

In the future, EVERY BLOG will be THIS famous* FOREVER

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In the future, EVERY BLOG will be THIS famous* FOREVER

*(Fame = ppl you never knew carefully explain to other like folk every last meaningless private atom of stuff you wrote to you yrself alone)

This is a frustrating thread

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This is a frustrating thread. Mostly because the person who started it doesn’t seem to be listening to the people replying to him, but it’s also interesting how much “lady if you have to ask you’ll never know” stuff comes out when people ask (fairly) innocent questions about football, and how defensive and bristling it sometimes seems. It’s only a bit of analysis – nothing to be scared of!

I think quite a lot about why I like football and what I like about it. This is mostly because liking it isn’t a natural thing for me, it’s something quite new and surprising. Last weekend, for example, I realised that I really enjoy being a ‘neutral’. We were in Spain to celebrate Chris’ stag weekend and went to see an Athletic Bilbao game, and I had a great time. When I’d been to see Exeter last season I felt a bit out of place – surrounded by people who were desperate to see the team perform well I was embarrassed by my own lack of concern and committment. Of course that was the case at Bilbao too, but I’ve become much more comfortable with just joining in.

I’ve accepted I suppose that I don’t have a club and I won’t have one. You can’t graft that kind of attachment onto your personality. (I have a sneaking hope that when I have kids they will adopt a club for me, but that’s a while off.) I have teams I like more than others but for me it’s more like rooting for good and bad guys in a soap – you can switch it off and the disappointment/anger/glee quickly fades. It’s as a soap that I enjoy football, fundamentally – not the corruption or bad behaviour, those things are just exhausting, but the stories. So many stories, of individual players, of teams, of clubs and whole leagues, over a weekend or season or longer – there’s something interesting about every game, everywhere you look really.

BUDDY HOLLY – ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’

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#84, 24th April 1959

The twang of his first No.1 survives in the voice alone, a touch of reassuring gawk in amongst the frothy orchestration, hiccups dropped in like winks to the fans. The suddenly grieving fans ‘ this is the first chart-topper to be driven and haunted by the death of its maker, turning the hit parade into a makeshift memorial, records into private headstones.

But you can’t hear that in the song ‘ I had to consult the Guinness Book to check he’d died before its release ‘ which helps it have a life as more than just a reminder of its singer’s. Holly uses his hick schtick sparingly instead of letting it carry the song, and if the final splat of strings is clumsy the rest of them are delightfully pert, giving the hooks some clarity. Nominally it’s a break-up song, but there’s no poison in the sugar ‘ in fact Buddy can barely hide his glee that his lady’s walked. Cute and witty ‘ there are many worse ways to say goodbye.

Missy Elliot Pass the Duchie/ Britney Spears Me against the Music.

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Missy Elliot Pass the Duchie/ Britney Spears Me against the Music.

There are no humans in pop music anymore, it can be assembled out of elements that already exist, in this way the vocals seem to be vestigal, reminding that this is “pop music” as opposed to something else, something that has not been named yet.

We have gotten so close to noise, beats, percussion and mechanical percision, so that we have producers becoming the new kings and queens–this does not mean that they do not have autonomy.

Missy chose all of the noise, both organic and inorganic in her track, and its brilliance is how the organic (horses braying, handclaps, her voice) grates against the inorganic (the rest)

Britney manages to make herself completley inorganic, a barbarella sexbot, and so we miss the organic. That’s the problem with this single, and her transition in the last few albums, she has moved from narrative to fractured forms, but it seems almost by accident (is this what Madonna is correcting, in her subtle, almost hectoring tone here ?) As well, that title her refusal to engage with what was traditionally called music. Its her, popbot versus the musics kudzu like growths.