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Gerhard Richter at the Whitechapel Art Gallery

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Gerhard Richter at the Whitechapel Art Gallery

I’ve never seen so many images in one show – there are several thousand – so on that basis maybe this justifies the high ‘8.50 admission. It’s dominated by his long-term, continuing Atlas project. We get lots of framed sets of images, mostly photos, mostly taken by Richter I think (no credits), plus some clippings and drawings and diagrams. They come in sets: snowy mountains, mother & baby, cityscapes, flowers and so on. The most interesting are those he frames in drawings as if they are a design for an exhibition, or sometimes as if they are views (often ones that make no sense) through picture windows (unless that’s just my misinterpretation). He plays with framing in various ways, with scribbles and bits of tape, sometimes not properly fitting the photo. The photos themselves are mostly of limited interest, but the groupings somehow become compelling, and the transitions between groups have some force too: a friend with whom I went claimed it was tremendously exciting to suddenly see a picture of a person after several hundred landscapes, and I see his point. I also suspect that the serious eye problems I have at present made such a vast number of images unusually hard work simply to see, so I was not necessarily at my most receptive.

Still, my favourite parts of the show were the bonus extras, not part of the Atlas project: a gorgeous large abstract painting where he has scraped away areas of the paint, clearly at differing stages of dryness; and a blood red ‘mirror painting’, which is an eerie thing to see yourself in – another kind of framing, but of the viewer and their environment rather than a created picture.

The show closes on March 14th, so get in quickly if you want to see it.

the “wick effect” just debuted on midsomer murders

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the “wick effect” just debuted on midsomer murders, so underground culture is officially over (i wz flicking channels OK!!?)

Monopoly ‘ Lord of the Rings Edition

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Monopoly ‘ Lord of the Rings Edition

A few weeks ago Mark Sinker wondered “Are there any board games which are actually IMPROVED or AT ALL CHANGED – as opposed to momentarily coloured – by having their own classic scenarios recast to conform to some TV programme or other?” Monopoly’s LOTR edition has a couple of optional variations from S.O.P. The “1” pip on one, not both, of the dice is replaced by the Eye of Sauron, and there’s an extra marker ‘ the Ring, obviously. Every time the Eye turns up on a roll to move by any player, the Ring moves around the board, but only on the color-coded properties. If a player lands on the property that the Ring is on and it hasn’t been bought yet, the player gets it for free. If it’s owned by another player, rent is doubled. And as soon as the Ring reaches Mount Doom/Park Place, the game is over ‘ the person who rolled last doesn’t even get to finish his or her turn. Everybody add up and determine a winner. This last bit is especially welcome in my household, where we think Monopoly is grebt but four-hour games are rub. Since the Eye started popping up, we’ve had games that lasted from 35 minutes to 2 hours.

No need to spend money on another set ‘ just mark one of the dice on the appropriate face, and find an extra marker to act as the Ring ‘ an unwanted Super Pirato, maybe.