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“Many of the Hottest Drum And Base Tracks

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“Many of the Hottest Drum And Base Tracks can be yours! Download them as ringtones now!” As seen on the Samsung Fun Club. O progress!

I am working very hard to finish a project for work on mobile phone websites. Hence no Popular and not much NYLPM from me. Normal service resumed next week, meanwhile the rest of FT is ticking over nicely I believe. When I come back I’m going to try and post more about what I’m actually listening to and worry less about the meta-stuff. It may just end up being lists of things, or jottings like 1000, if anyone remembers that.

So, we say (ahem) nighty night to Jill and Nighty Night.

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So, we say (ahem) nighty night to Jill and Nighty Night. There was probably a total of three jokes tops in the last episode, one of which was merely seeing Angus Deayton covered in vomit. Admittedly there was a lot to fit in, Jill’s lies had finally unravelled leading her to the logical conclusion that the rest of the series had suggested that she was probably capable – murder. Unfortunately to preserve some degree of suspense in the final episode, the majority of it was in flashback having been set three weeks later.

As a sit-com there was too much story, as a comedy drama there was too much repititon. In the end the six-part sitcom felt wrong for this story. Over the course of a feature film we would have discovered how terrible Jill was, found her funny, then appaled and then been suckered in by the story. A story which after all is a very good one. Bored housewife falls in love with neighbour, at the same time her husband is diagnosed with cancer. Rather than wait for the husband to die, she just tells everyone he has – thus setting up a slight problem when he doesn’t. That the whole thing started getting a bit wooley around the fourth episode mark, and that no-one ever lamps Jill is a miracle. Nevertheless the final episode ha some lovely touches, and even ends with the potential for a sequel. Perhaps what Nighty Night needs is Jill (now a mass murderess) out there, on the run. She is certainly a character to savour, just the presentation did not quite gel.

Little Georgia, Broadway Market, London E8

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Little Georgia, Broadway Market, London E8

I don’t think I’m offending anyone but the Georgians when I say their country is a backwater. Googling Famous Georgians returns ten pages of US history before a single mention of its European cousin.

And once found, the data on its alumni isn’t encouraging. Undoubtedly the most famous Georgian of all is Joseph Stalin. Aside from the moustachioed tyrant, Jason stopped by to pick up a golden fleece and that’s about it, give or take a couple of gaunt looking footballers. And as for food, well, as I say, those footballers were hardly Ruddock sized.

All this makes Little Georgia a surprise. Broadway Market in Hackney is talked of in estate agents as an up and coming area. Up and coming for Hackney, that is. Among old school pubs and new school cuisine is Little Georgia, itself a Victorian pub in a previous life. The heavy curtains and sticky carpets have gone, replaced by blood red walls and sturdy oak tables.

The food is, well, I had no preconceptions, less a nagging fear over vegetarian options. I’m sure in Stalin’s time vegetarianism was up there with overthrowing the state, but not in 21st century Hackney. The cooking extends beyond Georgia’s contested borders. Turkish and middle-eastern influences add spice to the hot dishes and Russian salads form the basis of several starters. Carnivores are catered for with Gupta (Georgian meatballs) alongside lamb and beef stews, all flavoured with Georgian spices.

Herbivores aren’t just there to make up the numbers either. The Pkhali pate mixes beetroot and walnuts and looked delicious (and popular on surrounding tables). Aubergines were a staple of many options and ajabsandali (aubergines, onion and peppers in tomato sauce) went down like Kinkladze in the penalty box. Hachapuri ‘ Georgian cheese bread to you and me, soaked up the remainders.

The wine list includes a couple of Georgian reds (Georgia as a wine growing region was news to me). The service is fine, despite a Sunday lunchtime crush and the restaurant welcomes children by the pramful. The kids on the next table were developing their communication skills in a screeching contest. The parents studied the situation and promptly shoved dumplings in their mouths.

Georgian food in Hackney. Hackney up and coming. Crazy, but true.

Menus intended to be read #193875

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Menus intended to be read #193875: I was actually really tired on mon eve, so a. made bad food choices at sistrah becky’s b’day meal at Cafe Spice Namaste (vindalho de porco: too hot and too chewy for my taste), and b. forgot to read the entire menu in full, with its charming and informative entries abt the various foods on offer (well, I assume it is still charming and informative, I forgot to read it, see?). I see that Cyrus the Grebt MBE has now written it all up: it would be nice if this recipe book is written in the menu’s elegant, slightly odd style.


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1: Computers still use punched cards.

A collorary to this that no matter how far in the future and how intelligent said computers get, they still seem to whirr and make strange noises. Often they will still have much tape involved. This has its representation in film and TV in an endless number of led’s and dedicated one job only switches.

The ironic thing is that, in said pieces of fiction, the description of the physicality of the computers adds nothing to the plot except a stab at authentic futurism. Computers were fabulously rare after all, the only place the average punter saw one was in a film (cf The Billlion Dollar Brain), so to describe the workings of one genuininely added an air of scientific know-how. This books are still eminently readable, their use of computers after all has nothing to do with how they work, but it adds a strange quaintness when the otherwise alien futurity is bought down to earth with a fifteen cabinet, talk to the card cos the ears aren’t listening bump.

Feel free to list your favourite examples of this in the comments section.

Scenes from My Life as a Bad Teacher

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Scenes from My Life as a Bad Teacher: it’s 20 years ago now so don’t expect names. I taught one-on-one for three years, at a place which didn’t mind if the kids failed their exams cz the mums and dads were rich, and just sent them back for another year. I wz hopeless laying down the law over eg trigonometry homework – my feeling wz “it’s their life to wreck: if they want to go clubbing every night let em”

J. wz possibly my favourite pupil, not bcz he wz any good but bcz he would suddenly interrupt me with questions unrelated to anything ever. “Excuse me sir, but are you allowed to try on new trousers in a trousers shop when you are not wearing underpants?” – “Excuse me sir, but is Olivia Newton John related to Elton John?” – “Excuse me sir, but – ”