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TOMMY EDWARDS – ‘All In The Game’

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#76, 7th November 1958

When your heart is breaking, wise words are the last thing you want to hear and false hopes the first. In this ballad Tommy Edwards offers a bit of both ‘ a knowing shake of the head that turns into a sly nod, just as the music stops and the backing chorus flurries up like startled birds, ‘Soon he’ll be there at your side!’. Well, maybe. Edwards’ lacquered voice is telling you it’ll be Okay, after all, and for a minute or two at least you could believe it.

Reading the list on Tom’s boardgame link

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Reading the list on Tom’s boardgame link to see how many I’d played down the years, I quickly found myself cheating: eg Dover Patrol is just a version of L’Attaque, so that counts as TWO etc. Then I started wondering, are there maybe a finite number of different game archetypes? : eg all bagatelles, shooting ranges, quoits are the same bagatelles, shooting ranges, quoits obv. but for example Peter Rabbit Race Game is really just a Ludo/Snakes’n’Ladders amalgam, with pix by B .Potter (ours had nice little painted metal figures too, the one pictured has lame cut-outs). Movie Maker, Chartbuster and Monopoly are all kissing cousins. Connect 4 is Naughts and Crosses plus one. Magic Robot is Trivial Pursuit’s primeval ancestor (the robot is not as magic as it looks on the lid, sadly). Taxi looks like a different take on a nice game we had when small called the London Game (where the board was the London Underground, and you had to visit Tourist Hotspots).

Is it just a race? Are you collecting sets of cards? Is money involved? Spatial strategy? Does it test a skill external to the board set-up (eg knowledge of trivia)? How elegantly reductively could you categorise?

Massive thumbs-up to

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Massive thumbs-up to Independance Records – the quickest online shop I think I’ve ever used, records ordered at half three yesterday and on the doorstep this morning with very reasonable postage. Highly recommended to those few readers who i) still buy music and ii) haven’t used them already.

Even though I study and eat Japanese, I’ve always wondered who managed to come up with the name

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Even though I study and eat Japanese, I’ve always wondered who managed to come up with the name POKARI SWEAT?!? Ridiculous yo!

Since curries are the flavah of da month (sigh…)

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Since curries are the flavah of da month (sigh…), I wanted to pitch in with my favourite curry dishes. I think one of the first food preparations I served my boyfriend was a completely faux curry from some Hawaiian cook book. It’s basically throwing cooked chicken bits, cream and curry powder – otherwise it wouldn’t BE curry, now would it???? – in warmed up mushroom soup. Yes, yes, it sounds completely blergh, but it was soooo good. Certainly better than the Japanese rice + tofu salad we gobbled every noon. From then on I, or rather, we were curry afficionados. I’ve gradually moved up to the real thing (though in some dishes I still add raisins!). Inbetween I managed to go completely gaga over Japanese curry. It’s very basic: you just cook meat, potatoes and onion and after half an hour or so add the curry paste. Totemo oishii desu yo!

The United States government has boldly (ha ha)

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The United States government has boldly (ha ha) banned Courier New 12.

“In an internal memorandum distributed on Wednesday, the department declared “Courier New 12″ – the font and size decreed for US diplomatic documents for years – to be obsolete and unacceptable after February 1.”

What will they take next? Our children? Is nothing sacred?! I don’t think I know my country anymore!

In The Nipple Of The Storm

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In The Nipple Of The Storm: So what’s happened here is this –

– Janet Jackson gets her breast bared in the Super Bowl half time show.
– A horde of Interweb users immediately start searching for pics of said breast
– “Janet Jackson breast half time” turns up an old Freaky Trigger focus group entry on Google.
– Freaky Trigger hits go up.
– The popularity of the search pushes the page FURTHER up Google.
– For the UK search engine FT becomes #1 for “Janet Jackson breast”
– The FT Referrals page shows little but “Janet Jackson breast”.
– …so THAT page then starts showing up on US Google for “Janet Jackson breast”, which is a considerably bigger deal hits-wise.
– Googlers in a mad mob rush for Jackson breastery start going to other sites on the FT Referrals page.

The upshot of this is that our stats have gone mental and that our referrals page is the potential conduit for all sorts of pervertalist searchers sluicing around the blogosphere. If you link to FT then why not check your stats and see if any of them have come your way!

(Update: as a result of this madness my faithful old Site Meter account, which has served me well since October 1999(!), has been taken away from me. Ah well…)

I found this shop

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I found this shop while looking for the rules to raffish customs-evasion card game Contraband! No such luck on that front but take a look at these gorgeous and highly evocative boardgame boxes. You might even want to buy one though an asking price of twenty-five quid on a 1975 Connect 4 suggests that this site is for high-rollers only! Even so it’s hard not to be tempted by titles like Taxi!, Race For Mars and MB Games’ blingtastic HOTEL.

I am, in fact, convinced

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I am, in fact, convinced that the denizens of 119 Farringdon Road are having me trailed and turning all of my popular culture discussions with friends into articles. For a while the snide has been ripping stuff off ILX, but not 48 hours after I was proclaiming my love for the biathlon coverage on Eurosport in the pub on Friday, this appears in the Observer Sports Section…

Anyway, biathlon, it’s great, it’s skiing !A!N!D! shooting, and it’s more interesting than downhill cos they’re actually racing each other at the same time but still has the lovely snowy scenery to make you feel like being inside on a Sunday afternoon is the best place to be…

Once upon a time

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Once upon a time in the Philharmonic Dining Rooms, a glorious gin palace in Liverpool, I was using the grade-II listed Purbeck marble gents stalls. A bunch of American tourists, mostly women, some with camcorders, came in and started looking around. It was all I could do not to turn around and give them a traditional greeting.

So when I stumbled upon I had an idea of the sort of people who might be running such a site. I was expecting an index of palacial pissoires, though (recognised classics such as the Philharmonic and the Princess Louise in Holborn) but the site is less obvious, less organised and (sometimes) significantly less pleasant than that. It’s dedicated to all manner of urinals, some of which are Very Nasty Indeed.

They seem to welcome contributions but ‘ please ‘ don’t be taking your snaps while unsuspecting souls are at their toilet.