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Funeral For a Friend – Escape Artists Never Die

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Funeral For a Friend – Escape Artists Never Die

A band with a silly name, and silly song titles, is usually a recipe for the kind of music I like. They seemed quite likeable on PopWorld this morning (all I do is watch TV). FFaF make jaunty nu-metal-dawsons-emoish-rock, you know loud bits and quite bits, power chords and whispers. Best of all, they have a shouty guy and imcomprehensible lyrics, apart from “the red poison of your lips” I can’t catch a word after this. Perhaps, it’s because it’s not like the old days when I used to read the lyrics to Megadeth and Anthrax songs as they were playing, and could recite lyrical passages from memory. On another song (Moments Forever Faded) they seem to be singing “No pudding, no pudding”, I love this band!

I watched

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I watched Yu-Gi-Oh this morning, it’s a cartoon that has just one basic element: two people have a deck of cards each (kinda like Top Trumps), and they bring up computer animated versions of the characters and whatnot on the cards to fight! It’s just turned based – “a-ha my red eyes black dragon will defeat your puny bone warrior!” “You’re over-confidence is your biggest weakness, I shall play my power drain card in defence mode” “what?!? no!” “You must believe in the power of your cards” (or something like that, there’s a lot of complexity in the simplicity). Anyway, it’s a critical stage at the moment, Yu-Gi (the weird haired kid who is very Zen in battle) is playing against his pal Joey for the privilege of fighting the evil Pagasus, who has captured Joey’s sister and Yu-Gi’s Grandfather! Oh no!! Does this mean that only one can be saved?? It’s a more cerebral/cynical Pokemon, whichever is your viewpoint, I’m sure there’s alot of merchandise involved. I’m sure the kids love it!

Idiot Pete!

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Idiot Pete! – it’s not “Pink Clove”, it’s “Pink Cloves“, a search for which takes you right here.

NB Words are failing me when it comes to describing the Pink Cloves experience – maybe later.

NNB My God you can still get THIS!

Angus On Dr Who

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Angus On Dr Who (also K-Punk). I’m sure I’ve said before on FT that Talons and similar Dr Who stories are where the series’ BBC origin really shows – period costume drama was one of the Corporation’s great strengths around the time it was making Dr Who, so whenever Who dipped its scarf-ends in those waters it had a wealth of institutional support to draw on. This comes over really strongly in Black Orchid, the Davison two-parter where the TARDIS quite simply materialises in the middle of a BBC Sunday teatime 20s drama: it’s known for being the final “pure” historical Dr Who story but it’s only as historical as say Flashman. Like Talons Of Weng-Chiang it explores a genre more than an era, but in this case it’s a genre pretty much shaped by the BBC (via Priestley maybe) rather than one coalesced out of assorted Victoriana. As such every actor involved seems to know exactly how to play it – this kind of country-house mystery was probably first-term stuff at RADA back in the day!

RED PLASTIC BAG – “Arthritis”

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RED PLASTIC BAG – “Arthritis”

I can’t even remember what kind of process led me to this, which is fine since I can hardly work out what kind of process led it to exist either. What is it? It’s a soca tune about arthritis. “In your hip! Arthritis! In your neck! Arthritis! In your hand! Arthritis!”. Galloping drums and horn presets, and soca’s usual sugar-rush approach to its hooks make this sound like a day-glo daytime TV medical ad: you wonder if dementia might not be more of a worry than joint pain.

It points up one of the things I love about Soca: its Calypso roots mean there’s an instant-songwriting ethic where no topic is unworthy of a song, however unlikely. So as a listener you never quite know what you’re going to get. On the singer Ras Iley’s 10th Anniversary collection, for instance, “Soca Ninja Turtles” rubs beats with “IMF Takeover”. Both tunes were written by Red Plastic Bag. (Info from the very useful Calypso Archives). Maybe it also goes some way to explaining why such a formally competitive music seems relatively egoless and good-timesy.


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The Cool Museum ‘ not reading Japanese, I’m none the wiser really, but I like the pictures: