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The Sweetest Thing

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I did not see The Sweetest Thing when it came out summer 2002 (I might have been on holiday that week, sorry). Warned off by poor reviews I assumed it was a sub Farrelly Brothers gross out comedy. Whilst I would not go as far as the film-makers in that it invents a whole new genre of sex comedy from the female perspective, it certainly is not as bad as I had been led to believe. Much more importantly, the women who I have seen it with have laughed like drains. Perhaps the predominantly male film reviewers were dismayed that women can apparently be as wanton and depraved as men are in similar male oriented films. Sorry, that comes with the territory: I don’t think a more bawdy version of Sex In the City marks the decline of western civilisation. I am pretty sure that was Jammy Dodger McFlurry’s.

I have an extra reasoning for liking The Sweetest Thing, except for just being very in touch with my feminine side. The male object of adoration is a blonde called Peter. On such small things can a fondness for a film be established.

If science is the new punk rock then I think the

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If science is the new punk rock then I think the Dana Centre wants to be the 100 Club. I have not been yet, but they seem to be trying awfully hard to be intelligent, fun AND grown-up. This seems to work on the basis that controversy is the best way of getting bums on seats, so tonight we have a lecture on The Difference Between Human Races.

I think Freakytrigger may be sending a delegation to the potentially quite embarassing Punk Science, but the stress on how grown up everything will be might be a step beyond just fart gags. It might mean more swearing. I suppose the Dana Centre fancies itself as the ICA of the science world, which means the best way of judging it might be to actually have a pint there. I think the name of the place is promising, it is strange that they have not appended as a tagline to their publicity the following: “The Dana Centre: A place to find out about all kinds of everything”.

The publog may well be seeking submissions

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The publog may well be seeking submissions for a British version of Not Fooling Anybody. A fun, if somewhat culturally specific, site cataloguing rather poor makeovers of previous corporate-branded shops and restaurants. Much of the fun has been taken out by not really understanding Dairy Queen’s or even Taco Bells architectural uniformity (or even purpose).

In the UK a similar thing happens, but it is often the corporte makeovers of previously distinctive buildings that are more stand-out. Basically I mean McDonald’s that used to be pubs. There is one in my hometown of Borehamwood, what was in my youth the rather imposing Red Lion, is now a McD drive-thru. The saddest thing is the history of The Red Lion, it being the pub that MGM stars would wander down to after a hard day of filming Ivanhoe or 2001. Apparantly Stewart Granger liked a jar or two there with Robert Taylor.

Anothe fine example is on the Headington Roundabout, on the Oxford ring road. It would be fine if they still served beer. Or even root beer.

To counter my own bonkers work on film

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To counter my own bonkers work on film, it is good to see that mates in the pub can come up with equally out there theses. Last night in pub number two I was presented with the Alien / Pubic Hair debate. Said friend of mine had watched the Alien Quadrilogy (yes, yes we know its not a real word) and made the observeation that as the sequence proceeds Ripley has less and less pubic hair. Citing the infallible reference of a long nights drinking, she proceeded to suggest this potentially due to one of the following:
a) The development in Brazilian and other forms of hair removal from the late seventies to the mid nineties and changes in preferences for what is deemed sexy
b) A statement on the desexualization of Ripley as a character

I did not want to rain on her parade, but since Alien 3 she also has all her bonce hair shaved off it is unsurprising that she is shorn down below. In Alien: Resurection it is not really Ripley at all, who knows how much pubic hair half human half aliang clones have? Still, I dutifully followed the theory up by flicking through the David Thompson Alien book, which has an equally interesting theory regarding the films and politics. namely each film can be read as an image of the presidency in place when the film was made. Hence individualistic horror alien is the Carter years, militaristic Aliens is obviously a view of Reaganite worldpolitick. And Alien 3? With its police state prison setting it is a view of Bush Snr. Alien 3 is now also notable for its lack of – bush. It all made sense when I was drunk.

On diet mixers

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On diet mixers! I tell you what, drinking vodka and boring ole slimline tonic is very BORING. Instead of the HURRAH HURRAH type drunk you get from Lovely Beer all you get is a headache and a vague feeling of restlessness and alienation. No wonder Richey gave it all up to go sledging round Val D’Isere – if only he’d been a real ale drinker!

ENTER: RICHEY, with pen, paper and pint of B33R:

RICHEY: Hey guys! Check out the new tracklisting for our new album, the followup to kinda popular Gold Against the Seoul!

SEAN: Isn’t my hair silky?

RICHEY: YES! …. and that’s track number one. Next, 4st7lbs (I wouldn’t say my mother in law’s FAT, BUT!!!) and Faster (Steady on Matron)…

NICKY: Stop it Richey else you’ll be making the Pie in the Summertime jokes again.


JAMES: *passes vodka to RICHEY*


RICHEY *glugs vodka*


Actually I think he had a point, I’m sure neat vodka MUST be nicer than sodding slimline tonic. I do wonder what difference there is between diet/lady tonic and fat/man tonic. 90 calories?! Jaysus. I’m sticking to neat GIN!