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Aug 03

RACHEL STEVENS – “Sweet Dreams (My L.A. Ex)”

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RACHEL STEVENS – “Sweet Dreams (My L.A. Ex)”

Check out the parentheses for how seriously Rachel S Club is taking the whole grown-up market thing. Not only has she been going out with someone, not only was that someone from exotically venal Los Angeles, but they have now split up! A jet-setting lifestyle, a troubled past, a hint of availability in three words – her people are pros, alright.

This is a good single, though much too aloof to be a great one. What won me over wasn’t Stevens’s slick singing or the serviceable tune but the rhythm, which is slapdash and bouncily agreeable where everything else seems terribly considered. All pop is terribly considered, I know, but this single feels sometimes like it took its personality from a Cosmo test.

UK Readers

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UK Readers: if you’re reading this on Sunday, and you have a pound or so to spare, pick up a copy of The Observer. Its Sports Monthly has a special edition this week, with the ‘Fifty Greatest Sports Photographs’ – a good read, some stunning images, and several months of coffee table or bathroom life in it.

There’s a lot of lame Hornboid detritus silted up

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There’s a lot of lame Hornboid detritus silted up round the idea of the mix-tape, all the more urgent to clear up for its being half-true, or worse. A letter from a convalescent friend put me in mind to make some, and send them to her: the task immediately turned into an anxiety of close listening – listening with someone else’s ears, a REALLY VALUABLE DISCIPLINE, but really hard to achieve – in case a mere title or phrase or unpoliced sound somehow brought on disastrous relapse. Recorded so far: Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom b/w Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Unicorn and Ornette Coleman’s Virgin Beauty b/w the Slits’ Return of the Giant Slits. The last two especially have been a minor revelation through borrowed ears.

Two weeks in a row

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Two weeks in a row I’ve worked out who the perp was in Law & Order: SVU about 45 minutes before the (none-too-likeable) detectives did. This is very boring – why didn’t they watch Cannon as kids? That’s where I learnt to second-guess all possible TV-tec plot-twists ever. Actual real Law & Order gets the whodunnit out of the way fairly quickly, to concentrate on the politics of so-how-do-we-convince-a-judge-and-jury? Presumably this is why L&O is Noam Chomsky’s favourite TV programme also (excellent fact courtesy the recent New Yorker Chomsky profile). I adore grimy police procedurals – I even like A Touch of Frost, for goodness sake – but it’s the interplay between the players which attracts me, not the stupid “mystery”. Also in a sane world, Christopher Meloni’s tinyweeny head wd have fallen down the inside of his neck by now.