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Jun 03

That Summery Feeling

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Instant Nostalgia, Not Quite Planned In Advance

The big summer hit, the summery pop song, the type of thing you listen to when you’re out BBQing or on the beach or merrily killing all the mosquitoes around you that adore your very presence, etc. We’ve all got our nominees and the reasons all vary, and none of that is surprising. How we all deal with them after the summer of fun or love or drugs or whatever is where things start to change, though it’s still usually the case that mention of The Big Summer Hit will usually provide a charge for all. Keep in mind that when I saw the “Hot in Herre” video for the first time last year, though, it was still getting out of winter in New Zealand, so context is all.


WILEY – “Blizzard”

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Wiley’s productions are simultaneously reaching IDM levels of abstraction while being the most dead simple physical records this side of ‘Grindin’. Nothing really happens in 8-bar productions after they make their opening statements, but at their best the instrumentals are weird enough or physical enough or both to be carried along for their three or four changing-same minutes. ‘Blizzard’ reminds me — amazingly — of Piano Magic’s more abstract vignettes like ‘Music for Annahbird’ reworked for a Greensleeves riddim album. A tea-kettle whistle, ultra-dry bongo rhythm and then BAM: what sounds like car doors slamming in time and that trademark Wiley-bass, a ridiculous, overmodulated waveform that skips up and down octaves and sounds like nothing so much as a cyborg jug band. It’s hilarious and terrible and boring and gripping and the future.