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Mar 03

John Mayer- Why Georgia

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John Mayer- Why Georgia

I like his growl, and the soft whisper that makes me bend in to hear, i love how his cult of sensitive young girls is so emo, but how he doesn’t get the props emo does, i like how he makes certain words last 4 or 5 syllables, i love the pseudo rock break out a minute in, i like the video with its split screen and how he dances in it- a little kick, a little shimmy, some head nods, a half hearted attempt at the pogo. I like him.

it was only cool to appreciate the low key prettiness of the Carpenters when they could no longer record, and it is uncool to like John Mayer now-but he has that attractive earnestness about him, like he believes every word- even if that isn’t cool, it is engaging.

SCOOTER – “Weekend!”

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SCOOTER – “Weekend!”

To call the new Scooter single ‘new’ is to make language blush, so let’s say instead that “Weekend!” is the most recent Scooter single. Or let’s say that it’s the most recent draft of the Scooter single, another half-inch of ground gained in Sheffield Dave’s pilgrim’s progress towards Mu Mu Land. “Nessaja” seems to have been a bit of a conceptual breakthrough for Scooter, with the crucial discovery that added folky helium vox could boost the vibe bigtime – here Nikk provides the giddy-pitched warblings, about a woman’s heart, which in turn sparks philosophy from Dave: “BASS DRUM!” and then the tune is overtaken by a horde of arm-waving Cossacks. Oh, no, wait, I meant: “What is essential is invisible to the eye. It’s only with the heart that you can see rightly.”. Though “BASS DRUM!” is enlightening too. There’s a crowd to please, and the more they please it the bigger it will get: Scooter are that rare pop thing, a marriage of unabashed populism and absolute conviction, and we should treasure them.

(Bonus points for the cover’s magnificent irrelevancy – Sheffield Dave in leather armour and his fellow Scooterites in chainmail, surrounded by barbarian lovelies. And for their publishing company being called Delicate Music.)

Um, your weekly NYLPM war update.

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Um, your weekly NYLPM war update. Your pop news in brief.

Junior Senior love fun. We love them.

It is Scandalous the Mis-teeq didn’t get to number one past that rubbish novelty comic relief version of Spirit In The Sky (rubbish because it isn’t even as funny as the Doctor And The Medics version).

I take back all I ever said about Resonance FM. They have an hour long show where they play records backwards presented by a loon who talks about looking forward to Thora hird coming alive in a week.

Resonance also played an orchestral piece on Tuesday morning which was written from the point of view of the music looking at the audience.

Big Brovaz have another winner on their hands which is simultaneously annoying and irresistable.

NYLPM will be back soon with your regularly scheduled nonsense, these tidbits are compiled under Iraqi news regulations..