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Sep 02

Possibly the worst

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Possibly the worst tourist pub advice I’ve ever seen, from something called the Travel Ape. Nothing wrong with the pub review (if anything it’s a bit too positive about a pub I love but whose sacred cow status concerns me). But advising people to wait there before catching a train at Victoria seems a little optimistic about the vagaries of the Circle and District lines. And potential patrons are recommended to visit “at night before going to see a play”. I know the Mermaid Theatre is just around the corner, but the Black Friar is scarcely the pub I would recommend to an out-of-towner up for some theatreland action. Is the Travel Ape some kind of front for cabbies?

There’s even more quality advice to be had on London nightlife, actually. Look out for the review of a pub called the Dirty Duck in Stratford. I’m thinking: are there many theatres in Stratford? Oh, wait… I’m heartbroken the Ape didn’t direct its users to get there by the Jubilee Line.

“The Last Pop Star”

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“The Last Pop Star” – that’d be Morrissey, then. Directionless overview of the great man’s career which doesn’t get to the heart of things (but then what does?). One line sparks interest – “It seems disrespectful to call Morrissey cool” – because Morrissey’s relationship to ‘cool’ is fairly underexamined. But can we drop this notion that he was some kind of glittering wit? If only he’d never given an interview…