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Jul 02


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Some guitar wankery and a beat. The beat is not hard enough to be house or techo, its not nearly fast enough to be jungle and not dry enough to be electro. Thats it, not other instruments nor other parts, just the wanky guitar and the half-arsed beat for 2 and a half minutes. This man can barely turn a computer without Patife or Xerxes by his side and is the biggest face in brazilian music today. Shoot me, please.

The fifth and final part

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The fifth and final part of the Pinefox’s Jubilee Stuff leads off a four-article Freaky Trigger update, which has quite unintentionally turned into a kind of indie rock then-and-now themed special. Representing the NOW, we have David Howie’s review of Oxes. Representing the then, I write about the new Jesus And Mary Chain best-of. And bridging the two, Dr. C’s personal memories of the Stockholm Monsters. Hope you enjoy them all.