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Y Kant Tori Read? Now there is a question – posed by her first and often hidden away “metal” album which remained unanswered for some time. The obvious solution is that she is stupid, and I’ll still stick to this up to a point. It becomes clearer though when you listen to Cornflake Girl, in which she reminisces about her childhood as some sort of half-girl half-cereal hybrid. Unusual as this would be in many schools Tori was lucky in as much as her school was obviously used to having half human half foodstuff kids knocking around the hall as she used to hang with the Raisin Girls. The Raisin Girls were obviously the offspirng of those thoroughly annoying Californian Raisins who sang terrible cover versions of terrible soul songs in the mid-eighties in some sort of racist commentary on how much Otis Redding looked like raisin. Obviously after he had been dead for a couple of years….

Back to the adventures of the girl bitten my a radioactive cornflake though. Rather than using her powers of being part of a nutritious breakfast and being able to stay crispy in cold milk for good, she instead decided to learn to play piano. This would have been fine, cornflakes aren’t very good at playing piano, until one day she came across a Kate Bush album. Rather than doing the correct thing – breaking it into tiny pieces – she took the copy of Lionheart down to the nearest plastic surgeon for and all over job. He managed to erase nearly all signs of cornflake, the rest she tucked under her big red hair. Using this template she changed herself from a breakfast foodstuff to something you would have with a mid afternoon cup of coffee. Kooky.


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Fluxblog: not a new music blog, but I’ve not seen it before. Also talks comics. Looks pretty good if only cos it slags off the Warren Ellis Forum in terms I precisely (from my limited knowledge) agree with.

It is inevitable that if Will Smith is in a summer blockbuster

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It is inevitable that if Will Smith is in a summer blockbuster that he will record the theme tune. And from Men In Black to Wickee-Wickee-Wah-Wah-West they have usually been pretty lousy bits of cut and paste eighties pop rap. However he is truly scraping the barrel with the new one, where he definately shows his age with his suggestion of the kind of dance we might wish to partake in if the Men In Black are around. Rather then breaking out into a full on dance, a bit of breakdancing or even the twist he suggests that all that is appropriate is “Nodding your head”. Nodding! Nodding is what old people do when they are sitting infront of the snooker, just before they finally fall asleep – something that this tune is apt to do. My head was moving to it, but merely shaking in a ‘what have you done now Will’ way.

(Though for students of the diegetic effect of soundtracks the song is quite interesting. Unlike the original Men In Black track – Will refers to himself as Will Smith in the song whilst also refers to his actions in the film in the first person. This breaks down what one assumes to be a finely crafted sense of internal reality that Barry Sonnenfield has created within Men In Black II. Though in reality most people will have scarpered from the movie the second the credits hit the screen.)

His Wotanic Majesty’s Request

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Some Nordic Bands

In the past, whenever I thought of Nordic music, what came to mind were bands like Bathory, Mayhem, Burzum, and the like. You know the score – lunatic pagan Satanists who delight in baiting trendy people and burning down churches, part time musicians who end up killing each other or serving long terms in prison. But lately it seems like there is a whole new spirit to the music of the north, and a whole new slew of surprisingly good-natured Nordic bands.


I have never heard of the

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I have never heard of the Official Landlady of the City of Londons pub. The Rising? The London’s Rising?! Surely they can’t mean the Rising Sun? Any publoggers more in the know than me?

The refurb merry-go-round spins and spins

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The refurb merry-go-round spins and spins and this week paints another publog regular (favourite might be too stiff a word). The Pint Pot is dead, long live The Castle. There was something wonderfully alliterative about inviting someone for a drink at the Pint Pot on Pentonville Road – and it was well famed for its roof terrace where one could soak up both the sun and the pollution. It was never a vintage pub though, rough and ready it was always a good place to take international students to break them into the reality of London pubs. And of course I have completely ignored its two greatest selling points: the toasted sandwiches in polythene bags and the mural outside. I will return to the toasted sandwiches in polythene bags some other time in a piece on great lost pub food – the mural has been well documented here before – suffice to say it illustrated the lie that Budweiser was the King Of Beers far too literally.

I am not sure why they changed the name to The Castle, it’s a pretty non-descript name but I suppose they wanted to make a break from the Pint Pot (which will now join the annals of great lost pub names). Still this is a pretty impressive refurb. The roof terrace is back, having been structurally reinforced and fitted with some suprisingly large and comfortable modern looking benches and tables. Downstairs the physical layout of the pub has retained much the same, multi-layered with the same length bar and tables in much the same place as they used to be. However now there are a smattering of high and low tables, chairs – stiff and soft – and lounging but definately not smart sofas. The main change has been up the top level where the pool table has gone to be replace by a large table and a kitchen.

You couldn’t call the place a gastropub, but it has got an interesting food menu at which is not too broad but offers reasonable prices. Kedgeree seems to be quite a pub staple these days, but I for one am pleased to see it. About three specials on the board each day as well plus attractive puddings; I can see the rotisserie chicken going down well with the beers they sell. And the range of beers is impressive. Bitburger, the most popular German lager is rarely seen in London – and is certainly served with gusto (the barman had no idea how to stop it fizzing) – plus a few ales and a well stocked couple of shelves of spirits. The place is owned by what appears to be a bit of a West London chain and certainly the attempt to go up market has not removed the Sky TV or a fair few of the locals. I’ll miss the Pint Pot, but more for its loony punters than anything else. And as clean and nice as The Castle is in comparison, as long as some of them are around then I think I could happily drink here again. Pity about the mural though – there is something about a giant bottle of Budweiser in ermine which really cheered me up on the 73 bus.

Wish You Were There

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Wish You Were There: finally, my web account and FTP connection are back, and the Glastonbury 2002 Review can go up. It might be selective but it’s still the best write-up you’ll find – and unlike the NME, our writers actually bothered staying until Monday! This look at the high and low points could have been even longer – and some bonus coverage might yet turn up on NYLPM.

Also up on Freaky Trigger is a new C90 Go!. Everyone does mixtape series these days but ours are different (honest) – this is by Graham C, who writes Wisdom Goof, one of my favourite new music sites. It’s also the first time a C90Go! reviewer has actually written about a tape someone else made for them. Hope you enjoy both pieces!