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Nov 01

let’s build a car

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let’s build a car is a fine new addition to the sidebar links. It’s by David Raposa (NYLPM’s own) and Jess Harvell (ILE’s own, and whose blog should also be sidebarred but the dog ate my link. I will seek.). It’s about their quick impressions of the records they listen to. You might be able to guess what kind of records they listen to quite quickly. I’m holding out for a Hacky Sack review.

PINK – “Get This Party Started”

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A fair bit of talk lately — on my personal Internet haunts, but in the wider popmedia too — about guitars. A lot of people quite like them you see, and want them to ‘come back’ — question is, what can you do with them these days? ‘This!’ says Pink as she winds up her beatboxes and then sprays chunka-chunka glam guitar* all over them.