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Nov 01

This will not do.

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This will not do. The publog must form a key node of resistance in the war against the tyrrany of the banal drinkery. While I don’t necessarily believe the apocalyptic account of the decline of the ‘real’ pub, I cannot accept the claim of one brewery owned chain’s spokesman that “what was homogenous was when all you ever got was the local boozer. There is now tremendous diversity town and city centres. Just because there are new types of bars catering for a section of society, it doesn’t mean other pubs will cease to exist.” ‘Tremendous diversity’ translates, roughly, as ‘spurious attempts at niche marketing’; and ‘diversity’ within a town centre means the same ‘diversity’ within ALL town centres. Which is not the same thing at all…

A Reminder!

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A Reminder! Tonight I’m going to be on Radio 2 (follow link at the top of this page) on the Heroes Or Zeroes programme, talking about David Bowie. You can listen on your wireless at home or on the Internet. The show lasts half an hour and I’m on it quite a bit. It starts at 10 PM GMT. I got a copy of the show on CD and I don’t sound like too much of a twat even if the things I’m saying may not be completely sincere. Enjoy!