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Jun 01

No Kidding: Radiohead – Amnesiac

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1. It’s June 8 2001 and I’ve a few hours to kill in London, so I walk. It’s a sunny day: most people look bored and in a hurry. Every now and then I stop and pick up one of the daily papers, which are all full of election talk. Arithmetically nothing’s happened – five seats lost here, six gained there, but the great blocs of party power are still intact. Look closer, though, and you can see eddies in the electoral current, small tics and tremors which suggest not just disillusionment but a twitchy volatility. A crushing majority for a single-issue independent. Turnout at its lowest since World War I. Twelve thousand fascist votes in Oldham. And all the record shops are playing Amnesiac, this strange little Number One album. “After years of waiting, nothing came / And you realise you’re looking, looking in the wrong place” sings Thom Yorke in a voice like hammered lead. “I’m a reasonable man, get off my case.”


Train comes; I don’t know its destination…

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I hereby declare June 26, 2001 Sugababes Day. Their debut record (One Touch) was released in the US. Their song “Overload” (a blissfully atypical pre-fab pop track, which means it’s damn good – never mind Tom’s grousing) has been nominated for a Brit Award. And I found this Sugababes site – Sugababes Online – which features the entirety of One Touch in Windows Media format (which is playable via Winamp, in case you’re worried about compatibility). And while (upon initial listen) “Overload” sounds like the best track on the album, there’s plenty here worth checking out. (Even the ballads!) Keep these girls away from the hair dye & the nookie playas, if you please.